New Obsession: Baby Goats

Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

My new animal obsession is baby goats, or kids as they are sometimes referred to. They are so fun to watch because they are full of spunk and energy and tend to do whatever they want! Kids also seem to have the cutest names such as Buttermilk and Pipsqueak! You can’t help but smile watching them:




The Most Important Ride Yet

Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College
Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College

As an equestrian, I have taken MANY rides in my life time. I have taken rides in different states, on different horses, been thrown off (gotten back on of course), and competed with the best in the world. But the most important ride I have taken in my life thus far was my ride as a leadership consultant. How eight months can go by so fast I will never know. But I would take the exact same ride again a million times if I could.

Something extraordinary happened to me in the months of August and September. I came out of those months with a new sense of self and a confidence I didn’t think possible. I have been struggling to put exactly what happened into words- but I am going to try. Here’s what I learned:

Your past DOES NOT define you.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

Surrounding yourself with people who push and challenge you is the best way to discover the best version of yourself because they see your potential even when you don’t.

Take the next step- even when retreating seems as though it is the only way you’ll make it out alive.

Eat the dang taco.

Love everyone that you meet as hard as you can- especially those who are the most difficult to love… That includes yourself.

It took me traveling to 8 different states, on 15 different college campuses, working with 1,800+ collegiate women, losing someone I love, being home sick like never before, falling in love and unapologetically being myself to fully learn and live by these statements we hear so often.

I will never be able to give back to Sigma Kappa what Sigma Kappa has given to me. It gave me 11 of the most understanding, loving and hilarious best friends as teammates and that alone is worth it’s weight in gold. But I left a small piece of myself & my heart everywhere I went this year and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So while this ride in Sigma Kappa is over, I plan on taking many more.


Keep it Real,


The one where I fly home…for now.

Cossette Powley, Zeta Omicron, University of Arizona
Cossette Powley, Zeta Omicron, University of Arizona

Hello Everyone!

This is my last blog for the semester…but don’t fret, I am returning for another year! I want to use this space to talk about how excellent my year as a consultant has been. Over the year, I have grown in ways that I had no idea I needed to grow! I want to give you all some quick list of the things I have learned and what I am looking forward to during my short time off!

  1. I went on 38 chapter/extension visits this year…OMG!
  2. Adventure time with my boyf (Kyle) and friends!!
  3. My time management has improved!
  4. I can send really great emails, a skill that I was dying to learn!
  5. I can take my adorable pups on as many walks as I want aka daily!
  6. The organization is growing SO much, and I am so excited to be a part of it!
  7. I have made friends for a lifetime.
  8. I am fully comfortable with my personality and sense of humor!
  9. I am more confident of my knowledge of Sigma Kappa and all of its entities.
  10. I am okay with being alone, and I really value my people!

Again, thank you so much to all the chapters that hosted me during my travels and welcomed me into your homes and sisterhood. I am so grateful for this experience and all those wonderful people I have met along the way.

Over and out!



Keep Calm and Travel On


Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College
Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

I cannot believe that the year has gone by already. My leadership consultant adventure has been so exciting, thrilling, challenging and above all rewarding. For the past couple of years I have been fortunate enough to travel…A LOT. Beginning with my year abroad in 2013, later doing consulting work oversees and then into this job. In the past 2 years I have had the chance to visit 13 countries and 18 states. When I first studied abroad in New Zealand in 2013 I created a blog to help capture and share my journey with my friends and family back home. A fear of writing has turned into a passion of storytelling and has been fueled by my excitement and commitment to travel. The world is so big and every country is on my bucket list. However, as I am beginning to start my career, I know I will not have the freedom, flexibility nor opportunity to travel as I have in the past for the next couple of years. Even though my body will be in one place, my mind will continue to wander and explore. Two months ago I decided it was time to finally make the commitment to register my blogs domain name. I am happy and lucky to say that this has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to continue to write, share and reflect on my travel experiences. So if you are interested in reading more and seeing my travels through my eyes please join me on and follow me on Instagram!Capture4abc

Keep Calm, Travel On and remember that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”



A Final Work Out

Madison Weissinger, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Madison Weissinger, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

With my time as a leadership consultant coming to a close, a lot of lasts are occurring. Last chapter visit, last new member meeting, last formal meeting, last officer meeting and the list goes on. I also seem to write a lot about working out and staying fit and healthy. So here is too my final working out blog post!

My absolute favorite and very easy workouts would be the monthly challenges. I have found – thanking Pinterest now – an April, May and June monthly workout plan. These by far kick your butt, but are they worth it!? Heck yes. After week two and sometimes even week one I am crawling to get myself out of bed because of the pain my body is overcoming. So take a look at the ones below and feel free to make a comment and share with me your favorite at home workout!



Here is the link,







Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu, Bradley University
Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu, Bradley University

I have this crazy dream that one day, I’ll be the First Lady of the United States. When I share this dream of mine with others, they often ask me why I wouldn’t want to be the President and my answer is this:

Being First Lady would be a much better job! I’d be married to the POTUS, so I would have inside knowledge of the highest level politics and be the little voice in his ear without taking the criticism for everything wrong in our great nation. Think about it, who really hates the First Lady? On top of it, I would get to use my voice and status to promote causes I feel strongly about. When I’m First Lady, I plan on launching a nationwide campaign to combat cyber-bullying and promote mental health awareness. I would also make sure Alzheimer’s Disease research receives more funding! On the side, I’ll pick out gorgeous china for guests of the State, be a classic fashion icon, and act as the official hostess of the White House. Sounds like perfection to me!

This is something I’ve thought a lot about: in fifth grade, we did a project on a famous person and had to dress up as the person we each chose. All of my friends did their reports and dressed up as Shirley Temple, Britney Spears, even Cleopatra. Who did I do my report on, you ask? The great Eleanor Roosevelt of course!

Fifth-grade Kira dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend, Cleopatra
Fifth-grade Kira dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend, Cleopatra

Recently on a trip to Washington, D.C., I was fortunate enough to visit the Smithsonian Museum of American History where there is an entire exhibit on First Ladies, featuring the gowns many of them wore to the Inaugural Balls! I especially loved those belonging to my favorite First Ladies: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama.

Inaugural gowns of Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama
Inaugural gowns of Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama

One of the best parts of the trip was visiting the White House, more affectionately referred to as “my future digs.” Check me out in front of my future home!

Home Sweet Home!
Home Sweet Home!

Don’t worry-when I’m FLOTUS, I’ll invite all my favorite Sigma Kappa friends over for a lovely dinner on my new china!



Texas Happened.

Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
I can’t believe I am writing this, but…I have big news…I purchased my first pair of cowboy boots! My explanations to people is that “Texas Happened,” because all the sudden I’m wearing my boots every week, listening to (some) country music and saying y’all.
Only in Texas would you find life-size cowboy boots.
A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was debating making the purchase, because I felt like the cowboy boots would be more of a temporary item. Now, I feel the opposite. They have become a staple in my wardrobe because of their versatility. I have already worn them to the Houston Rodeo, UH’s Frontier Fiesta weekend carnival and performances, two stepping and out to dinner for fun! I love how you can dress up outfits with them or keep things casual and throw them on with a pair of shorts.
Learned to two-step with some members of the Lambda Delta chapter.
The search for the boots was so memorable. There is this vintage store called Texas Junk Company that’s only open on select weekends a month in Houston. They are known for having one of the best selections of second-hand cowboy boots! The shelves are lined with all different shades, colors and styles of boots in every size. The owner is also a character. Now I look forward to going back to chat with him and hear his stories of thrifting all over the state of Texas to find the gems he brings back to his store.
Boots on boots on boots.
I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to find a pair of boots in my exact size that are such a gorgeous butterscotch color and are already broken in. They are so comfortable and now I plot my outfits around wearing my beloved boots. I can definitely envision myself purchasing another pair in the future because there are so many beautiful styles and colors to choose from.
With my time coming to an end quickly here in Houston, I am looking forward to soaking it up as much as I can. That means boots, BBQ, country music, road trips and more. Follow me on Instagram for the latest adventures! Thanks for supporting my journey to becoming a true Houstonian.
With love from Texas,