13 Highlights of Fall 2015

Bianca Pino - Kappa Omicron Chapter, Florida International University
Bianca Pino – Kappa Omicron Chapter, Florida International University

The time has arrived, readers, where we bid adieu until January! Never fear though, you can still check out my YouTube channel to watch my eventful vlogs every Wednesday – might even see a few LCs guest star.

As I’m still recovering from all the Thanksgiving food, as I’m sure you all are, I took a moment to reflect back on some of the greatest months of my life. This semester has pushed me out of my comfort zone and shown me my strengths & weaknesses like never before. Here are a few highlights from my time so far as a leadership consultant:

  1. Moving 1,190 miles away from home, into a city/state I have never been to before and not knowing anyone that lives in the area. 
  2. Experiencing all of Lambda Delta’s, University of Houston, firsts (i.e., first formal recruitment, first Ultraviolet campaign, first Homecoming team participation) 
  3. The fun 2 hour road trips between the university and the MCI airport, the progressive dinners, and the late nights hanging out with Delta Eta, University of Central Missouri.
  4. Being introduced to red tacos, why Straight Outta Compton is the best movie ever, and getting to know the amazing sisters of Gamma Tau, Midwestern State University.
  5. University of Houston’s football games. Enough said. #HTownTakeover
  6. Spending time with the advisory board and new chapter coordinator & recruitment coordinator for Lambda Delta. 
  7. Driving to Target, Party City, and the mechanic – I almost had a panic attack after, but this brand new driver successfully made it to these places!
  8. Exploring downtown Houston and learning how to ride the metro, the late night baking sessions, the weekly American Horror Story date nights, and being around the sisters of Lambda Delta.
  9. The week I spent in Tampa with Nicole and helping start the colony at University of South Florida – can’t forget our Disney trip,too.
  10. My surprise visit to my chapter, Kappa Omicron, to see my cousin get initiated into Sigma Kappa.
  11. All the late nights spent talking to my best friends about how much we’ve grown, how we’re going to travel, what our lives are going to look like in the future.
  12. Seeing the LCs and my supervisors for our team call for the first time since July!
  13. Getting to eat some home cooked Cuban food, spending time with my grandparents and parents back home, and the appreciation I’ve gained for Miami now that I’ve been gone for so long.

These are just a few of the many memories I will always cherish about this semester. If you’d like to see all of these memories, CLICK HERE! I wish you all an amazing holiday break and can’t wait to continue my LC journey in January!







Dana Finley - Delta Chapter, Boston University
Dana Finley – Delta Chapter, Boston University

I don’t get homesick often. When I was a senior in high school, I jumped at the chance to apply to schools beyond the borders of the Buckeye state and ultimately chose to attend Boston University, a not-so-driving-friendly 12 hours from home. And while I welcomed the occasional care package sent by my parents and cherished my infrequent visits from my sister, a state away in Connecticut, I didn’t spend a lot of time wishing I could cut my time short at school and return home to Cleveland.home-is-where-the-heart-is-ohio

Fast forward to the glorious world of post-graduation. Three months ago, I moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I did not know a single soul. Since then, I have thankfully made a few more friends, but I think more than anything, I have gained a better understanding of what home is.

Last night, I was texting another leadership consultant and told her “I’m going home on Friday.” I then paused and looked at the sentence I had just typed. It felt weird to write that. One of the hardest things about being an adult, I have discovered, is deciding where home is after you’ve entered the real world. Is it in Cleveland, where I grew up? In Boston, where I became a real person (or started pretending to be one, anyways)? Or is it in Myrtle Beach, where my name is on a lease?

I spent the first few weeks of my time in South Carolina trying to make my apartment feel more like a place where someone lives–which can be surprisingly difficult when you a) are balling on a budget and b) know you will be moving again in nine months. Here’s what I’ve learned: there are no number of candles, throw pillows, or kitchen utensils that can make a one bedroom apartment feel like a home. But here’s what I also know now:

Home is not a place. It is not defined by a ZIP code, latitude and longitude coordinates, or even the address on the front door of a house.

Home is a feeling. It is relief. It is comfort. It is letting your guard down.

Home can be people, too. How lucky am I that I have homes sprinkled around this great big country of ours, living in the hearts of my consultant team, in my family, in my sisters, and my college friends?

I am lucky that I have several homes, each wonderfully different. And while I have grown to love the little life I have built for myself in South Carolina, I am so looking forward to returning to my first home for the next few weeks.

See you soon, Cleveland.