Wait for it. . .waaaait for it. . .

Soon, very soon we will be introducing the 2010-2011 Leadership Consultants for Sigma Kappa Sorority! Until then, read up on the Leadership Consultant program and keep checking back.

Want a sneak peek?

LCs at Confirmed Conventionite
The LCs dress up as the seven dwarves in Sigma Kappa style for Convention 2010, Confirmed Conventionite Banquet.

There, that’s all you get. . . for now.

The Leadership Consultant program, originally known as “Traveling Secretaries,” began in 1938 and nearly 300 women have been transcontinental travelers for Sigma Kappa since.

Leadership Consultants (also quickly referred to as LCs) are alumnae who support our organization as professional staff members. The LC program has two primary avenues of employment. A graduate consultant is a part-time salaried staff member supporting a collegiate chapter while studying for an advanced degree in her field of choice. A chapter consultant is a full-time salaried professional who supports Sigma Kappa on a national and regional level, assisting a variety of chapters. Chapter consultants travel to our collegiate chapters from August through April and often visit between 20-25 chapters a semester.  Each experience lends both personal and professional development to the individual.

Interested in becoming the next leadership consultant from your chapter? Learn more information and check on the job descriptions at www.sigmakappa.org as well as keep up to date information on the application process. Look for online applications in October.  For more information regarding the leadership consultant program, please contact Jenna Martin Pendry, collegiate services manager, at jpendry@sigmakappa.org.