A Toast to the Past Year

Autumn Breeden
Autumn Breeden

By the time this blog posts, my year as a consultant will have ended. I think back to Fall 2010 when I was given my invitation to join Sigma Kappa and laugh at how clueless I was back then. When I was joining this organization the only things I saw were friendship, fun and cute shirts. But after four years, two collegiate positions, and traveling the country as a consultant, I could not have a more different outlook on membership.

Throughout my time traveling for Sigma Kappa, I have learned that it is OK for women to join for the friends, fun and T-shirts. But it is our duty to help Sigma Kappa be more to its members than letters on T-shirts. Through friendship and fun, our members have the opportunity to learn real life skills, to become better leaders, and better women. I cannot thank y’all enough. From Kappa Pi members who were leaders when I was a clueless new member, advisors, national headquarters staff, and members around the U.S., I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you. While I am incredibly sad to be leaving national headquarters staff, I am excited for the future. I am excited to be going to law school at Ole Miss in the fall (even if we have no chapters in Mississippi!) I am excited to join an alumnae chapter, and I am excited to continue to watch the women I have met on the road grow! I know you have probably heard this hundreds of times, but I will say it again:


Sigma Kappa is not four years. Sigma Kappa is for life.


I want to say a huge thank you to all of the women I had the opportunity to work with this year, and hope you enjoy my photo flashbacks of the last year!

Fall Semester:


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Spring Semester:

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Where do I even begin?

Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hi friends,

It saddens me to say that this is my last blog post as a SKLC. Boy, how the time has flown by. I never thought that this opportunity could provide me with as much as it has. Since the minute I began my leadership consultant journey in Indy at NHQ in December 2011, I have been evolving into the woman I have always wanted to be.

Words could never express the gratitude I have for all of the experiences, encounters, relationships and adventures that have stemmed from this remarkable opportunity. However, I’m going to do my best to express my appreciation. Here goes nothing:

To the amazing staff and national volunteers of Sigma Kappa: Simply put, you rock. Thank you for all of your dedication to making Sigma Kappa a better experience for everyone. I have truly enjoyed getting to know so many of you along the way, and cannot thank you enough for all of your words of wisdom and kindness.

To Brooke, my supervisor: Thank you for being my guide. I am so grateful for your support when times were difficult and the times you celebrated my successes with me. I could not have done it without you, and am a better person because of you.

To my amazing three leadership consultant teams, friends and family: Thank you for being my backbone throughout this journey. On days I felt like I was falling and could not pick back up to days I was on cloud nine, you were there to laugh with me, sympathize with me and encourage me. You were always there for me, no matter the distance.

To the alumnae and advisors of Sigma Kappa: Thank you for your continued support of our collegiate chapters. Thank you for taking me in and making me feel welcome during those times I sometimes felt alone. You have made my first years as an alumna so enriching and shown me the power of a lifelong sisterhood.

To the collegiate chapter members I have had the privilege of meeting: Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and teaching me the meaning of love and acceptance. There were times that I challenged you and there were times you challenged me too, and I cannot thank you enough for embracing me.

To my sisters of Theta Omicron at Arizona State University, Zeta Nu at University of Texas at San Antonio, Upsilon at Oregon State University, Kappa Omicron at Florida International University and Kappa Phi at Florida Atlantic University, especially: Thank you for trusting me to lead you in the right direction and showing me the true power of hard work and friendship. You have inspired me to be a better sister, better leader and better person.

SKLC YearsThrough my first semester as a colony consultant to my year as a full-time traveling consultant to this past year as a residential consultant, I have never felt so fortunate. Although the time will pass, my memories as a Sigma Kappa leadership consultant will never fade, and the lessons I have learned will always be a part of me.

Until we meet again,


As the Semester Comes to an End

Madison Weissinger
Madison Weissinger

I am one happy consultant. Truly happy. I have enjoyed the knowledge I have gained from amazing women, relationships that I have built, and triumphs that I have overcome. I am one happy consultant.

I want to show my journey through my happiest photos that have truly made an impact on myself that led me to pure happiness.

First stop! National Headquarters!
Hello city of Pittsburgh!
I have had an obsession with seeing football stadiums and Clemson’s was one of my top 3!
Walk up to the chapter house and see this sign.. lets just say I was overwhelmed with joy and some sweet southern kindness in Louisiana!
One Heart One Way with some sweet Beta Tau sisters!
One Heart One Way with some sweet Beta Tau sisters!
End of year training with some of the my favorite people. So much love to these women.
End of year training with some of the my favorite people. So much love to these women.

And finally, here is to another great year so…



xo Madison

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Kristin Ramey
Kristin Ramey

I can’t believe that a year has passed by so quickly and that my journey as a leadership consultant has come to an end. To say that this year has been one of the greatest adventures of my life would be an understatement. Looking back over the last year, the people I have met along the way have completely changed my life. Most importantly, I want to say thank you to my team.

Throughout this experience, getting to know these amazing women has been my biggest blessing. The 12 of us, all from different parts of the country, have grown together as our journey has progressed. From initial training to our final farewells at end of year training, I have made such incredible relationships with women I may never have met without this job. We have laughed together, cried together, and only actually lived in the same city for about one and a half months of the entire journey. These women have become my best friends, and I know that I will see them each again in the future.

This is the beauty of Sigma Kappa. No matter where we are from, our bond of sisterhood links us together. As our team has traveled around the country, I am proud to say that we were able to touch the lives of so many other Sigma Kappa women. Whether it be through helping at a formal recruitment, meeting with the amazing officers of our collegiate chapters, helping our new chapters flourish and reach their full potential, or even helping colonize a brand new chapter of Sigma Kappa- we have been a busy bunch. I could not be more proud to say that I am a member of the 2013-2014 Leadership Consultant team. Although this amazing group of women has accomplished so much over the last year, I know that their success will continue as we move forward into the real world.

I have been so blessed with this opportunity, and I will carry it with me as I move forward in my attempt to accomplish my dreams.


All my love,


Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Jacqueline Newell
Jacqueline Newell

On April 14, the LC team made camp in the conference room at National Headquarters, also known as our playground and source of endless Diet Coke. In between rounds of 52 card pick-up, end of year reviews, and following Robert’s Rules of Order to make any decision regarding food, we discovered one of the most amazing Pandora playlists ever – Hip Hop BBQ. You may be wondering, Hip Hop BBQ? What kind of nonsense is that? Well, folks, it’s not nonsense – It. Is. Magic. Through the classic hip hop songs from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, I was reminded of Jay Z’s Public Service Announcement because he begins me with “allow me to reintroduce myself.”

Forever classic
Forever classic

As you may have guessed, this has inspired my very last blog post as a #sklc. Let me introduce my team – the 2013-2014 consultant team, a group of the most inspiring women I have ever met. We come from all across the country, from California to Maine and some places in between. We majored in many different fields, have a wide range of dream careers, and come from very different college experiences. Our experiences have ranged from being full-time traveling consultants to residential consultants at new chapters to pioneers of new Sigma Kappa colonies.

We have changed so much in the past year and everything we plan to do is…. well, for me, it’s not clear, but I can for sure tell you that my goals are not the same as they were when I first arrived at NHQ in July. This week has been an amazing experience filled with bonding, tears, a LOT of snacks and many goodbyes. I take that back, many “see you laters.”

Allow me to reintroduce us, we are the 2013-2014 Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultant Team.

You’re Telling me I’m 50 Pounds Lighter Now?

Jaynie Levinson
Jaynie Levinson

Talk about people walking around with a lot of “personal baggage”; I have a bittersweet feeling parting with my 50-pound best friend. It’s almost time to retire my suitcase. Despite a few shaky wheels, a broken handle, and a slight rip, we made it across the country together. That oversized navy bag only lost itself once, throughout my entire year…it always knew I couldn’t live without it, we were best friends connected at the hip!
We were very much the same…

Sometimes I would go on chapter visits and eat my heart away, and my pants might have been a little snug. Unfortunately for the bag, it suffered a similar feeling when I was craving a shopping spree. The women working the front desk at the airport would give me this look, but let me slide with 52 pounds…we all feel a little overweight sometimes, so I totally understand. Luckily, I’m not pressured to get on a scale twice a week!

We were practically BFFs. You think I’m crazy talking about my bag as my friend, but that bag held my entire LIFE for a year!

‘Big Blue’ held my bathing suit so I could go to the beaches of California. It held my thickest sweaters for the snowiest of winters in Oregon, and it even made it to the Vegas!

That bag carried letters, notes and gifts I received from my wonderful sisters. The comfy clothes to get into after a long day. The pictures of my family, friends and boyfriend when I got homesick. That bag carried the magic cure for all my emotions since day one.
I have to say, I’m extremely blessed to have had such an amazing friend for the past few months. It’s the only other thing besides myself that got to experience and see all the wonderful places and people that I did.

Hopefully it’s not goodbye forever, but see you later 50 pounder! Hopefully we will travel the world together one day…

Until next time,
Love always
Jaynie and ‘Big Blue’

Taryn Mantta
Taryn Mantta

My iPod has become more important to me during this semester of traveling than I ever expected it to be. I’ve had him (it’s a boy!) for about 7 years now, and if he ever dies, I don’t exactly know what I will do. Most people would agree that music is awesome. I am one of those people who listens to pretty much any genre you can imagine. I love listening to different genres because music can absolutely affect my mood and take an awful day and make it a little bit brighter. My iPod, instead of having playlists of songs I’ve liked at different periods of my life, has playlists for different feelings. Each of these playlists is something that I specially craft, and for me, I need them.

Here’s a little sample of my feelings in music form. Disclaimer: Do not listen to Sad or Angry for too long. Put some Happy in there to bring the mood back up!

Angry/Frustrated: There are always times where we need to get out a little anger. This playlist doesn’t fit everyone’s musical taste, but I like it. Some of the songs on this playlist:

  1. Shout at the Devil – Motley Crue
  2. The Great Hendowski – Of Mice and Men
  3. Tear Away – Drowning Pool
  4. Smokahontas – Attack Attack
  5. Gunpowder and Lead – Miranda Lambert

Calm Down: This playlist exists for those moments where I just need to relax. It’s probably the most varied of all of them, but it all works so well together! This is also great when I get a little nervous on planes.

  1. The Blood of Cuchulainn –  Boondock Saints Soundtrack (The version I like is instrumental and very Irish sounding)
  2. Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling
  3. Frank Sinatra… Anything by Frank
  4. Search and Destroy – 30 Seconds to Mars
  5. My Understandings – Of Mice and Men

Happy: Pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Strange Magic – Electric Light Orchestra
  2. I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan
  3. Grace Kelly – Mika
  4. Havana Affair – Red Hot Chili Peppers (originally by the Ramones)
  5. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Pump Up: These are either great in the morning, or during that slump in the middle of the day. Sometimes, this is also a great workout playlist.

  1. Circus – Britney Spears
  2. Nothing but a Good Time – Poison
  3. Here I Go Again – Whitesnake
  4. Crazy Beautiful Life – Kesha
  5. Sunny and 75 – Joe Nichols

Sad: Again, pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Only Hope – Mandy Moore (no judgments)
  2. The Only Exception – Paramore
  3. Every Rose has its Thorn – Poison
  4. The Scientist – Coldplay
  5. Jesus – Brand New

Variety is the spice of life. Break out of your musical shell and find some new music. You never know what your new favorite will be!