Netflix is my Homeboy

Taryn Mantta, Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines
Taryn Mantta, Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines

Being a true multitasker, I need to have multiple things going on in order to be the most effective. Most days, I send emails, write blogs, etc. on one half of my computer screen and have Netflix on the other half. Here are some of my favorite things to watch on Netflix and Hulu+:

1. Superhero shows! Currently I’m on a superhero kick and Netflix and Hulu+ both are doing great at indulging this whim.

  • Arrow – This show focuses around the DC character Green Arrow. It has a billionaire turned vigilante and is currently on Season 3. (Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix, Season 3 is currently airing on TV and is available on Hulu+)
  • The Flash – This show, shockingly, focuses on DC character the Flash. It is only a few episodes in and focuses on a police scientist who, through unusual circumstances, gains super speed. (Season 1 is currently airing and is available on Hulu+)
  • The Avengers – If you haven’t been following the individual Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies, you’re missing out on some awesome superheros. The Avengers combines these characters and more. This one is available on Netflix and is pretty fun.

2. Halloween time. As someone who is just not a giant fan of Halloween, Netflix does have some options for more Halloween time movies.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – It’s a Tim Burton movie with a town dedicated to Halloween. Plus, if you have ever been to Disneyland/world from October – December you may have seen the Haunted Mansion changed to match this movie.
  • The Addams Family – I am just a sucker for Wednesday Addams. I have been Wednesday for Halloween more than once.

3. Random Favorites

  • Eureka – Now Netflix and I just got in a fight because it took away the first three seasons of this favorite show of mine. The last two seasons are still great, so find a way to watch the first three seasons, and then finish it up over here.
  • Lost Girl – I love a funny sidekick, and Kenzi takes the cake for that role. It revolves around a succubus as she learns about her powers and the crazy world she’s gotten into. (Netflix)
  • MasterChef Junior – It’s a cooking competition show, but all the contestants are 8 – 13 years old… and they can all cook WAYYY better than me. This is available on Hulu+ but a new season also kicks off in early November.
  • The League – A bunch of 30ish year old guys playing fantasy football. Many of the actors are comedians in real life and there are guest appearances by many NFL players. (Netflix)

That’s all for now. Don’t worry, I could go on for DAYS about all the things I like to watch, but it’s always good to pick up a new show and see where it takes you.

Happy Halloween!


Calling All Cat Ladies

Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

Who doesn’t love funny cat videos?! One of my guilty pleasures is watching hilarious animal videos on YouTube-don’t judge. Here are some of my favorites with cats! Enjoy!



Purrrfect Halloween Costumes

Julia Lapham, Kappa Xi, University of Nevada, Reno
Julia Lapham, Kappa Xi, University of Nevada, Reno

Happy hump day, y’all! As per usual, my post for today is all about cats and the wonderful role that they can play in Halloween. With this spooky holiday quickly approaching, I thought, why not provide some excellent costume ideas for all creatures of small stature? These cuddly kitties will showcase a variety of different styles and humors that can be used for some classic costumes on almost all pets. For your enjoyment, I’ve even attached a picture of a puppy, Riley, that I had the opportunity to meet while at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

For all you fast food lovers:


Spicy kitty:


Not all cats hate the ocean:


A new twist on the “Wizard of Oz”:


Just looking for his kitten princess:


Bee happy:


Dr. Seuss’ inspiration:


Lastly, Riley shark:


I hope that I’ve gotten you into the Halloween spirit, whether that means you’re now going to your local PetSmart to buy a costume or even getting crafty enough to make one yourself! Enjoy the holiday, eat some candy, and take advantage of this prime opportunity to dress up your beloved pets in ridiculous outfits!

A Traveler’s Must Haves

Cossette Powley, Zeta Omicron, University of Arizona
Cossette Powley, Zeta Omicron, University of Arizona

Hi there blog readers, LC CP here…your one and only source into the tremendous lives of the the 2014-2015 Leadership Consultants…well, not the only one.

What’s in my suitcase you ask? That’s a secret I’m ready to tell.

After a long time of not having contact with my fellow consultants, they informed me that I travel with some very strange items that I see as a MUST HAVE. My suitcase set has become my closest companion since NO MATTER what, they’re always there. My suitcase is home to many items, a lot of space saver bags, and some random items that are very important to me. So let’s take a peak inside…

1. An extension cord: an essential part of my life because the cords to my electronics only reach so far!

2. A lent roller: more explanatory than others because it is sweater weather…and lent is EVERYWHERE.

3. Packing tape: strange…I agree, but I send my infamous coffee mugs home often and you can never depend on the post office to have some!

4. A scale: very practical when you can only pack up to 50 pounds!

5. Clothing essentials such as: a sewing kit, laundry detergent, fabric softener and a laundry bag!

6. A turbie twist aka a hair towel: need I say more about its importance?

7. My loofah: this is one thing I never go without!

8. Lastly, my childhood blankie: my blanket gives me a sense of home and I have NEVER gone anywhere without it.

Now you all know what I am packing on a weekly basis in my giant purple suitcase. This is just another one of my fun facts that I like to share because what we pack is all so different. For more on what is in my bag, well that’s something you’ll just have to wait and see.

You know you love me.

Xoxo, Cozytober

And the Winner Is…

Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College
Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

Oct. 10 started off as any other day. I woke up with the intention to go for a run, but instead of continually hitting my snooze button, I chose to use my email and social media to spark my interest and wake me up. As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed my eyes widened and jaw dropped as I came across The Guardian article about the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winners. I threw my covers off and sprang up in bed and screamed “I KNOW HIM!” The winners of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize are Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi who are both activists fighting for education, freedom and the human rights of young boys and girls.

I met Kailash Satyarthi last November when I volunteered at the rehabilitation center he founded in Jaipur, India for boys who had grown up as victims of child slavery. As I said in a post on my personal blog last November:

Bal Ashram was established in 1998 and is a rehabilitation and training center of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA). The mission of BBA is to “identify, liberate, rehabilitate and educate children in servitude through direct intervention, child and community participation, coalition building, consumer action, promoting ethical trade practices and mass mobilization.“ BBA is the NGO that rescues and recovers children who have been trafficked and have worked as child laborers. Bal Ashram is the rehabilitation center for these children that provides them with shelter, food, clothing, health care, education and endless opportunities.IMG_0039

Mr. and Mrs. Satyarthi welcomed us into their home, served us hot chai and cookies, and told us all about their story and life commitment to the Ashram. I remember sitting next to them on their floor and being completely enthralled by their story, by their commitment of fighting against child slavery, and their love for the boys they have rescued.

Mr. and Mrs. Satyarthi teaching Indian dance in their home
Mr. and Mrs. Satyarthi teaching us different Indian dances in their home

They were heroes to every person they had saved. Showing them a new life and giving them more opportunity than they ever knew was possible. It was an incredible experience to be sitting in the home of and next to a man who is changing the world, who is changing India. We spent the rest of the night dancing and singing with the boys and it was then, and still is now, one of the most defining memories of my year abroad.


To learn more about these incredible world leaders, I recommend the books:

  1. From the Streets of Katmandu – A book written by Basu Rai, one of the men I got to know and work with in India who Kailash rescued. This book shares his story as a child slave and growing up in Kathmandu
  2. I Am Malala – A book written by Malala Yousafzai about her story and journey as an activist for women’s education in the Middle East

I hope you enjoy learning about these world leaders as much as I have over the past couple of years. If you are interested in seeing more pictures and videos from my stay at Bal Ashram, click here.

Happy Reading!


Best Travel Items

Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

After being on the road for two months thus far, I’ve already become a master traveler and packer. And I’ve learned that there are some practical essential items that I think are must-haves when traveling!

  1. Pillow pet. Not only to snuggle up to on any plane or car ride, but also a good item to remind you of home!


  1. Headphones. This is a great item to bring along for: listening to music when you’re bored, tuning out the crying baby three rows behind you, or for watching Netflix for hours after a cancelled flight!


  1. Snack. Always have a snack in your bag. You never know when hunger will come upon you!


  1. Tide to go. For those inconvenient messes that get on your clothes!

tide to go pen

  1. Tackle box. Literally the best jewelry organizer out there!

photo (3)

  1. An extra jacket. It can get really cold on the plane and you really don’t want to be freezing the entire 4 hour plane ride…


  1. Colgate wisps. A great thing to have to quickly freshen up your mouth!


  1. Phone charger that’s easily accessible. In case your phone decides to die quickly in the middle of the travel day!

phone charger

  1. Umbrella. Even if you think you won’t need it, you might. I learned this lesson the hard way and got completely soaked one day.


10. Bright luggage tag. So you can easily spot your luggage!


Safe travels,


Why We’ve Got to Start Empowering Each Other As Women

Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College
Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College

In 1874, five women set out on a mission to create and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Through full hearts and tough spirits, Sigma Kappa was born. In 1874, women were fighting for their rights and they weren’t doing it alone. They stood together, and they stood tall- refusing to settle for anything less than what they deserved and what they dreamed of… and look where we are today.


In 1874, the founders of Sigma Kappa had no other choice but to empower, respect and push each other toward greatness because at Colby College all they had was each other. Fast forward 140 years. Sigma Kappa has a few hundred thousand women at the undergraduate and alumnae level. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we all started empowering and respecting each other the way they did? And once we accomplished that, what if we did the same for the women in our lives who aren’t our sorority sisters? I can’t imagine the impact we would make on the world. As women, we need to start respecting ourselves enough to know what we deserve and the potential that we have. And we need to start respecting other women enough to show them the same when they can’t see it themselves.  In order to empower each other, we have to start respecting each other. We have to stop tearing each other down emotionally and physically and start building each other up. If five women could change the lives of thousands, how many lives could we change as that group of thousands?

As a woman hoping to make a positive impact in other women’s lives, I vow that people’s experience with me will be fun, honest, positive and valuable. They will walk away from me feeling important, accomplished, validated, loved and most importantly, empowered. I will remind myself of this every day.  What will you do to start making a difference?

Keep it Real,