“I’m Proud to Be a Sigma Kappa!”


Hello all!

For a leadership consultant, receiving a call from a fraternity sorority advisor the night the bid list is due makes your heart beat a little faster. After five days of formal recruitment and sleepless nights, I went to dinner with Alpha Gamma’s chapter president Amanda, VPM Donelle, and VPPS Nicole. While eating our wonderful Mexican food, I missed a call from the fraternity sorority advisor and tried to stay as calm as possible and call her back. She told me she had exciting and terrifying news, another thing that no consultant wants to hear. She informed me that quota on the campus was 45 and asked how many quota additions I thought Sigma Kappa received. I guessed eight, which at the time seemed like a normal number of quota additions. The fraternity sorority advisor informed me that Sigma Kappa received 20 quota additions and said, “Everybody wanted to be a Sigma Kappa today!” I immediately had chills and was trying not to cry or smile too much and give away the exciting news. The chapter members with me were anxiously waiting for me to tell them what was going on because I was acting very calm. I mouthed to them that they received 64 new members and the president started crying and small screams were let out at the restaurant. Needless to say, this was by far the best phone call I could have received from a fraternity sorority advisor!

Recruiting with about 45 initiated members, Alpha Gamma, Washington State University, defied all odds and doubled their chapter size during formal recruitment. The chapter showed their personality, positive attitudes, sisterhood, and love for Sigma Kappa and now has a new member class of 64! I could not be more proud of these women and all of their hard work. Throughout bid day yesterday, I overheard the following statement from many members: “I am so proud to be a Sigma Kappa!” and I thought to myself that this is also one of my proudest Sigma Kappa moments. The women of Alpha Gamma truly welcomed me with open arms, which has been greatly appreciated since I am very far from home, and showed me the true meaning of sisterhood. Though they make fun of me because I say “y’all,” they embraced me like I was one of their own. I could not be more thankful for them and cannot stop smiling with excitement for their accomplishments this week and the many more to come over this year!



(left: the 64 Alpha Gamma new members)


“Ah-ha” moments

It’s the moment some of you may have had – the moment when you realize, “I care so much that I want to make a change,” and then you step up.  I had an “ah-ha” moment during one of my first visits in my job as a leadership consultant. I  have had the opportunity to better grasp the concept of sisterhood on a national level.

I hope that those of you who attended a COTS or Convention  were able to connect and share experiences with sisters from different parts of the country and connect through our mystic bond. I encourage you to meet with other Sigma Kappas who may be members of nearby chapters for Founders’ Day or philanthropy events.

The picture of national sisterhood that I experienced during my first couple of visits sent chills up my spine and really empowered and inspired me to direct every ounce of energy I have to the organization as a whole. Sitting in a room full of women, all with the same values, that have all experienced the same ritual and recognize the importance of it, is so moving.

During a recent preference ceremony, the lyrics to a particular song rang in my head, “We will be in every beat of your heart as you face the unknown, because you are never alone.”  That is the truth. No matter where in the country you are, a Sigma Kappa is nearby and you are never alone.

Allow yourselves to have those moments where it all clicks and you feel so driven that you could change the world. Realize that these moments are the powerhouse behind the energy to drive, lead and make change.

❤ Lindsey

And we are off!


My incredible journey began at the University of Kansas and let me just tell you, these ladies were great from the moment I stepped off the plane – literally off the plane. My bedroom was set up with pictures of the leadership consultan team (miss them), PowerAde (my favorite) and Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers (who knew!?)  The president also took me to the Allen Fieldhouse, home of the notorious KU basketball team, where I got to compare my wing span to that of a KU basketball player. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have much to offer KU’s  basketball program…

BUT I did celebrate a pretty large victory in LC life: my suitcase was 49 pounds! I’m pretty stoked that it was under 50 and hey, this gives me a pound to work with right?!

I also met the nicest person on my plane who taught me something new – all because I dug deeper to have a meaningful conversation. (Thank you Phired Up for instilling that thought in my head). Kansas was very green and since lime green is my favorite color, I couldn’t help but smile while I was there. Just to prove it, here’s a picture of me on a walk bonding with the Jayhawk!

P.S. Whoever said Kansas was flat has never been to Lawrence. The hills were out of this world and naturally I picked the largest hill to run up on day 1…ouch!


Celebrity Sighting in Louisville!


My first visit was to the lovely ladies at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. They were so welcoming and I learned a ton spending time with them during pre-recruitment week!

At the U of L, skit night is a huge deal and so much fun! One thing they do to prepare at Alpha Theta is invite alumnae to preview their skit and help them practice their conversations.

This year the ladies of Alpha Theta invited a few special guests to their alumnae preview night. They reached out to nearby Indiana University Southeast and invited the Zeta Alpha chapter to visit. The two chapters are working together to become even better recruiters. The Alpha Theta sisters loved getting to perform and the Zeta Alpha sisters provided great feedback and took home some fantastic ideas. The Alpha Theta chapter also had a celebrity sighting that night when the one and only National President Laura Owsley showed up at their door! Everyone was so excited to see her and she made the night truly special with an energetic circle-up.

Now I’m off to Texas, I can’t wait to meet the Zeta Kappa chapter!

❤ M

“Tell me about your self.” (space intended)

Lauren Kelly

“Tell me about yourself.”  This phrase may sound familiar to you if you’re preparing for recruitment, life on the road, an interview or maybe a first date.  But who is that self we are really asking to learn about?

Well, lucky for us, the beautiful actress, Thandie Newton (who you may recognize from many films, including one of my personal favorites, Crash) addresses this topic in a TED talk I recently stumbled upon while walking one morning before leadership consutlant training at 8733 Founders Road.

I have a feeling I’ll be blogging a lot about TED talks this year.  They’re short, impactful, humorous and enlightening little nuggets of knowledge (TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design).  I hope you find them as entertaining as I do.

Warning:  This one is a little bit more on the serious side.  However, as we are all embarking on a new school year and a new season I found it appropriate to start this conversation about “Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself;” or as many Sigma Kappas may hear this phrase, especially after watching the video, “One Heart, One Way.”

So, sit back, relax and then feel free to share your thoughts.  (Note to self: use that reply box below and we can start a conversation!).  Enjoy!

With love,


Meet your 2011-2012 Leadership Consultants

Happy August, everyone!  It’s just about time to dust off those notebooks and get back into the swing of school.  Lucky for you, your 2011-2012 Sigma Kappa leadership consultant team has been hard at work since June preparing to visit your chapters this year.

Are you wondering who these women are?  Where they are from?  What chapters they are a part of?  Look no further!

We’re happy to introduce you to your leadership consultant team!

These women are eager and excited to start working with Sigma Kappa’s collegiate chapters.  If you have any questions regarding a consultant visit check out this helpful “What to do when a leadership consultant visits  your chapter” document.

Still have questions?  Contact the Collegiate Services Manager Melissa Beaupré at mbeaupre@sigmakappa.org.