3 Awesome Pre-Recruitment Breaks That Don’t Involve Checking Your Phone

Gabrielle Della Pesca, Kappa Upsilon, The College of New Jersey
Gabrielle Della Pesca, Kappa Upsilon, The College of New Jersey

Well friends, it’s beginning to look a lot like recruitment here in Sigma Kappa land! Just this week, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some quality pre-recruitment time with both the Kappa Tau chapter at the University of West Georgia and the Beta Tau chapter at the University of Florida. I don’t know about you, but during those long days of workshops, chanting, bumping and crafting, there are times when you just need a little break to mentally and physically regroup.  With that being said, here are some great ideas for those 5-10 minute recruitment breaks that DON’T involve swiping at your phone!


Go outside

It’s day 788 of pre-recruitment and you haven’t seen the sun outside your chapter room for 287,620 hours. So next time you’re given a minute or two to regroup, resist the urge to Snapchat everyone you ever met (that’s not a break, that’s an Olympic feat) and instead go for a mini walk outside. Feel the air on your face, the ground at your feet, and just relax.

“… there must be more than this pre-recruitment lifeeee!”

Listen to a song

My favorite song of all time, bar none is…. *drumroll* “No Scrubs” by TLC and there’s nothing anyone can say to make me change my mind. (Yo Beyoncé, you and me go way back, I’ma let you finish but TLC had the best song of all time.) Clocking in at exactly 4  minutes and 10 seconds, “No Scrubs” is the perfect song for taking a break and earning some cool kid points at the same time.

Have an Emotionless Dance-Off (shout out to LC Julia!!)

“But Gabby, what exactly is an EDO,” you might be wondering. Allow me to enlighten you:

STEP ONE: Select a playlist consisting of your ultimate dance jams (see the “Hip Hop BBQ” station on Pandora for inspiration and also because it’s just a great life choice.)

STEP TWO: Find a sister/dance nemesis.

STEP THREE: DANCE UNTIL YOU CAN’T DANCE NO MORE… but the catch is that you must keep your face absolutely still.

STEP FOUR: The first sister/dance nemesis to smile, laugh or drop their mouth open in awe of your incredible moves is out!

This is my personal move of choice… it’s a big hit.

Good luck and happy recruiting!

Until next time,



From Red Necks to Red Rocks: A Southerner’s Journey out West

Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College
Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College

From the moment I was told I was headed to Arizona State University, I knew things were about to get a little crazy. I would be uprooting my life and driving 36 hours across the country to reestablish for the next few months. But what I didn’t realize about moving from North Carolina to Arizona was just how different they would be…

6 Things I’ll Never Understand About Arizona

1) Can someone please explain the concept of a monsoon season in the desert? The rain needs to scoot on out because these people are falling apart.


3) About half the people I meet think I’m Australian. “Uh, so how long did it take for you to drive from Australia?”… REALLY? I knew the accent was going to stick out… But I definitely didn’t think I’d be pegged as a foreigner… mate.

4)The sweat game is real out here. Everyone lives in nasty, sweaty, smelly harmony.

5) I miss grass. I miss the itchiness of it, the smell of it, and even tracking it in my house.

6) People walk around campus in bikinis!? Maybe I can’t wrap my mind around this concept because I spent most of my collegiate days in the polar vortex… but there are some really cute cover-ups out there, people!!


So while I continue to adjust to the ways of the West, I’ll leave you with this:




Keep It Real,


Write it Out

Madison Weissinger, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Madison Weissinger, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

Back in July I made a goal for myself to journal every night for at least twenty minutes on my thoughts, feelings and experience of my day. I want to share now three things I have began to appreciate more and have learned as I  journal. I hope you can learn from these and appreciate just picking up a pen and a notepad.

1. Remembering your experiences. It could just be something as small as what you ate to as big as graduating from college. Or maybe even the kind words someone said to you that day. Remembering what happened during the day and writing it all down helps me clear my mind.

2. Finding yourself. Understanding what YOU like and what YOU want. Only you are reading this so be honest.

3. Relaxing. So relaxing. Taking those twenty minutes or so each night gives you the time to reflect, which I have found can be very relaxing. I notice that I sleep better, maybe this is from my mind being more clear but it is something I have come to appreciate.


Now, follow these steps below and start writing what shouldn’t be forgotten!


Step 1: Find your reason to journal.
Step 2: Find a journal. Paper Source is a great place to find one!
Step 2: Find a journal. Paper Source is a great place to find one or three!
Step 3: Get writing!
Step 3: Some ways to help you start. Happy writing!


Until next time,

xo Madison

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, but a Journal is Worth a Million Memories.

Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu, Bradley University
Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu, Bradley University

Forgive me for sounding like your grandma, but I’m just not a fan of all this newfangled technology. Sure, I Instagram my #foodie moments and the occasional #TBT, and I’ve been known to send a silly Snapchat every once in a while. But I firmly believe in the art of the written word. Call this a #nerdalert, but I carry my paper planner with me like it’s a fifth limb.

I like to start my days with to-do list writing. It helps me organize my thoughts by writing them down. I also firmly believe a to-do list is like a work of art. In fact, my mom usually gets me several pads of list paper for Christmas every year that are usually gone in a few months! I honestly won’t remember things unless they are written in at least three different places.

So allow me to introduce my trusty sidekick on the road this year: my 365-Day Journal. As a journalism major in college, I have a strong affinity for words, and I like to collect my thoughts into journals and diaries. Unfortunately, life gets crazy, so I can come up with a million excuses for why I don’t have time to journal every day. My 365-Day Journal doesn’t leave room for excuses; the journal asks one question every day for five years, and gives only three lines to answer. Before bed, I can quickly respond to the questions like, “what is the last fruit you ate?” or “what is one thing you want to remember about today?” No excuses.

It’s the perfect solution for those of us who love to write and record our memories but don’t have time to write a novel every night. I’m proud to say I’ve been using this journal for over three years now! It’s been with me throughout college, my study abroad semester in Spain, my first internship, graduation, and now it’s with me on my Sigma Kappa LC journey.

Every day, I look back on my answers from one, two, three years ago and smile to myself when I see how much growth and change has happened in such a short amount of time. Sure, some questions are silly and some are more meaningful (and some answers will make your LC teammates laugh and tease you when they read through the journal without your permission.) Regardless of the answers I gave, I know that this book will be with me forever so I can remember some of the most influential years of my life.

So now that I’m reflecting back on life, I know that I sound like your grandma. If you’re not a fan of journaling, I’m sure that in 50 years you will look back on your timeline with fond memories of your #mcm and exciting times with the #bae. You’ll be able to teach your grandkids all about what a selfie was, why the duck face was ever a thing, and the importance of choosing the right filter. As for me, I’ll stick to pen and paper.

-KRphoto 1 (1)

Get to Know the Team: Signature Hand Moves

Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

After being around a group of women for over a month during the summer, you start to learn their every mannerism. One of the things we picked up on from each of the consultants was hand motions used during conversation. To give you a little more insight on each of the team members, I am going to decode their signature hand moves.

The Kira: Kira emphasizes every sentence with a wrist flick that makes her fabulous bangles and arm candy collection jingle. It sometimes makes me nervous that she is hurting her wrist, but she carries on every time.

Danielle, me and Bianca were caught doing Jazz Hands.

The Danielle: Danielle is known for her school spirit, but I’d argue she has more spirit with her hand motions. Danielle goes full out with her hands here, there and everywhere.

The Julia: Julia is so serene, and her hand movements are the same–gentle and calming. When you need some zen in your life, Jules is your go-to woman.

The Maddie: Madison W. (or as we call her, Maddie) is known for “the swirl” as I like to call it…both hands swirling in the air with fingers extended. Don’t be afraid to keep them there for the whole conversation.

The Lauren: Lauren’s hands operate in full force. Whether she is using a complete range of motion pointing here or there or doing a subtle version of spirit fingers, Lauren’s energy can’t be missed.

The GDP: Gabby Della Pesca, or GDP as we call her, is very intentional in her hand movements. Precise, polished and strategic, just like her!

The Taryn: Taryn means business when she talks, and her hand movements accentuate the end of important sentences. When her fist punches into the palm of her other hand, she makes her impressive collection of Alex and Ani bracelets ring.

The Brianna: Watches are Brianna’s thing (of course, after her Beats by Dre), so it makes sense that she uses her left hand in a scooping motion to both talk and display her timepiece.

The Cozy: While this may not be Cozy’s signature move, she does a fabulous impression of women who talk while playing with their hair. She turns on her high-pitch voice, and gently strokes her hair, impersonating the cliche girly girl.

The Madison: Madison Clark has some fabulous Southern sass, so when she is talking, she uses her hands to tell it like it is.

The Bianca: When Bianca is excited, her energy is contagious. She does the most adorable high-pitched “Yeeee!” sound and rubs her hands together when she has an “Ah-ha” moment.

As for my signature hand moves, you’ll have to ask the rest of the LC team! What would you describe as your signature?

Happy Wednesday!


True Life: I am Addicted to Getting my Nails Done.

Danielle Hall, Alpha Theta, University of Louisville
Danielle Hall, Alpha Theta, University of Louisville

This summer, I have had many reasons to treat myself to a nice manicure to strive to look my best. What all started in May as a graduation treat to myself to get acrylic nails has turned into a serious addiction!

When I went to the nail salon in May, it was an adventure with a purpose. One of my best friends was about to be proposed to, so we were taking her to touch up her nails for all the photos when she had a diamond on her finger. I had the thought that with graduation coming up the next week, I would just get the acrylic nails so they would last long enough to still look good as I walked across the stage.

Soon enough, our first few weeks of leadership consultant training and convention in Las Vegas were around the corner! I convinced myself that in order to perform at my top level of professionalism, I needed to get my nails done once more. Why not, right? A fill-in is financially the smart decision. However, as I returned home from Vegas and had some time to relax, I found myself again getting my nails done.

Now that I am on the road and officially in formal recruitment season, I can’t say enough how much of an advocate I have become of acrylic nails. I have always had such a bad habit of nail biting, and this has been the perfect way to stop! There are many other reasons that I’m such a strong supporter. When my nails are long, clean and polished, I feel so much more confident; I feel pretty. I also believe that I’m more productive when I have manicured nails because it makes typing so much more fun.

Generally speaking, a manicure and set of acrylics will last me around 2 weeks. Is it financially worth it to get my nails done twice a month? I would have to say so! The benefits are endless.

10 Emotions of Recruitment as Told by Corgis

Brianna McKay, Kappa Eta, Texas Christian University
Brianna McKay, Kappa Eta, Texas Christian University

Recruitment season is in full force, and most of us know that means a lack of sleep, a lot of chanting, and a pair of sore legs. For this past week I have had the pleasure of working with our Theta Xi Chapter, Auburn University. With over 1,400 PNMs going through recruitment, there was a lot of work to be done. But luckily, I had my own way of maintaining a positive attitude throughout the week: looking up funny pictures of dogs.

I love dogs and I am slightly obsessed with Corgis. These cute little dogs helped me get through the different emotions of recruitment. I also found that these 10 Corgis helped to describe the plethora of emotions that fill the recruitment process. So, here you go: 10 emotions of recruitment as told by corgis. Enjoy!

The “I’m so excited for the PNMs to finally get here!” Corgi

photo 9












The “Is it time to eat yet?” Corgi

photo 11












The “My face is permanently stuck like this from smiling so much” Corgi

photo 1











The “Dance party” Corgi

photo 5











The “I no longer have a voice” Corgi

photo 3











The “I can’t keep my eyes open anymore” Corgi

photo 6









The “I just drank 5 cups of coffee” Corgi

photo 12











The “Preference Round” Corgi

photo 17











The “It’s finally Bid Day!” Corgi

photo 16








The “I’m sleeping for 5 days straight” Corgi

photo 14










All of these emotions lead to the purpose of recruitment, which is adding new women to our sisterhood!photo 4