Hair Bows and Cake Balls

Tiffany Rozier

If it’s really anything at all, Sigma Kappa is not entirely a flower, monogrammed rings, songs, bylaws, standards or the triangle badge. Its HAIR BOWS AND CAKE BALLS…or at least it is at Gamma Tau!

This visit was such fun! The Ladies at Gamma Tau are simply amazing and I was introduced to some very interesting things in my short time with them!

Hair bows and Cake Balls!

When I arrived at Gamma Tau, I noticed everyone was wearing hair bows. Yes, like the ones your mom used to make you wear when you were a little girl and you had to have 50 of them so each one would match a different outfit. Crazy, I know! But these ladies have them. There is a store in town with a sweet couple that only sells hair bows! They make them for all the cheerleading squads in the area, dance companies, mothers with daughters… and Sigma Kappas! So, I gave in and went to the bow store! Well.. I fell in love! Yes, I bought not one bow… but three bows! I bought the “Sigma Kappa” bow with lavender, maroon and white lace (pictured to the left). I got one for myself and one for Ashley so we can wear them next week when we are doing PR at IUPUI to colonize there! I also bought an orange, navy, and white bow to wear on game day to support my Auburn Tigers! WDE!

Also, in my journey they introduced me to cake balls! Poor decision! If you don’t know what these are stop reading because you will get addicted! They are delicious! MMMmmmm!

My visit to Gamma Tau was incredible! I met some amazing women, got to rock a hair bow, ate too many cake balls, and saw them get an amazing group of 18 women in the new member class!

Thanks Gamma Tau! I miss you ladies already!

LISK, Tiffany


Happy days

Kassy Pierson

Time is flying by. One second I am taking off for the first time and the next second I am completing my 6th recruitment visit and almost to FAU with Miss Lindsey Farrow for some PR time! Whoop Whoop!

Since my last post I was able to eat authentic Cuban food and sweat it out in the Miami heat with the ladies of Kappa Omicron, have the world’s quickest visit to the Alpha Mu chapter at the University of Michigan and sip some sweet tea with the fine ladies at Beta Epsilon in the ever so small – yet lovely – Ruston, Louisiana!

I got to bop on home for a quick visit with family and friends which was an unbelievable feeling. It was definitely odd to get off a plane and know where I was, and there is no place like home! Plus I was able to repack my suitcase to include my very important and quite necessary PILLOW! Note to self: never leave home without it again 🙂

I’ve also decided a few things: (A) there are not nearly enough hours in the day nor hours to sleep at night to do all the things I want to do. (B) Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks should be offered all year long because it is simply the best and (C) I want to go head to head with George Clooney through airport security because although he was quick in the movie “Up in the Air,” I just might be faster…

Anyway, I included some pictures below because I think they speak leaps and bounds about my adventures so enjoy everyone! More to come soon!

❤ Kass

Welcome to FAU!

Lindsey Farrow

Prior to beginning the publicity, or recruitment process, for our colony at FAU, I had the opportunity to shadow formal recruitment and to meet the Greek Community that Sigma Kappa will soon be joining. The Panhellenic women were welcoming and excited as they prepared to open their arms to 400 women during the formal recruitment process. I not only enjoyed learning about how revealing is done at FAU, but also about bid day, campus activities and what being a part of Greek life at this university meant.

As we prepare for two weeks of colony publicity, joy fills me because I know these women will play a large role in our efforts. They are volunteering to be Panhellenic big sisters, asking for buttons and talking positively about the impact Sigma Kappa is going to have on the Greek Community.

Now that we are getting closer to jumping into the FAU colonization head first, I want to thank our Panhellenic friends for welcoming us with open arms as we expand into your fabulous community.

It’s more than just 4 years

Elizabeth Scott

Observing preference ceremonies is one of my favorite activities. On my recent visit to Zeta Pi, the Colorado School of Mines, I observed their preference ceremony to offer feedback. The chapter got to the part of the ceremony where they started the traveling poem “Thanks for Always Taking the Time”, which is very near and dear to my heart. For anyone who has ever interacted with me, you know that I am emotional. I was the girl who was always crying at preference, bid day, and pretty much any situation that arouses emotion all throughout my collegiate experience.

As I stood on the steps observing Zeta Pi’s preference, tear welled up in my eyes. Watching the women of Zeta Pi, I realized that these women felt the same connection to one another that I felt to the women I have met through Sigma Kappa. Being a consultant has opened my eyes to the vast connection that all Sigma Kappas share. Many of the women I work with and meet this year will be my good friends for the rest of my life. As I was always told, “Sigma Kappa is more than just 4 years” and I fully understand the meaning of this statement now.

My visit to Golden, CO, allowed me to meet some amazing alumnae and work with a phenomenal chapter! These women are so intelligent and put together and represent themselves so well on their campus. They, like everyone I have met thus far, welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home, even letting me hop into one of their bid day pictures. From their between event dance parties to the brownies we somehow ate every night, this group was so much fun! On bid day, tears (once again) welled up in my eyes as I watched the excitement on the members faces as they welcomed their new members to Sigma Kappa. This chapter taught me so much about sisterhood and being yourself and I could not be happier for their successful recruitment!



Just me!

Michelle Garber

Last week I got to take my first day off in Evansville, IN on my way to Gamma Pi at Kentucky Wesleyan University. I decided that I would make stops at my two favorite places, Qdoba and Target, on my way to the zoo! The zoo in Evansville was much bigger than I imagined and with only about four other people there on a random Thursday, I had the run of the place. I got to hang out with the otters, see the oldest hippo in the world (she’s 60!) and even feed the giraffes! It was surprisingly nice to spend the day alone. In my travels I’m learning that strangers are a lot more likely to strike up conversations when you are by yourself and I’m finding that being alone is actually pretty empowering.

After a relaxing day off, the ladies of Gamma Pi picked me up for a couple of days of pre-recruitment before I was on to Epsilon Eta’s formal recruitment. I can’t believe recruitment season is almost over! More on my last couple of recruitments to follow soon!



Making History

Tiffany Rozier

Last week I had the opportunity to visit University of Texas San Antonio for their formal recruitment. The ladies at Zeta Nu are fabulous – we had such a great time together! I am truly impressed with them and how they transformed a boring classroom into a beautiful recruitment room. Here is a picture of Round 2 and their Preference Event!

UTSA is “Making History” this year, as it will be the first time the university has had a football team. To kick off their first football season, the Panhellenic community provided Panhellenic shirts  encouraging potential new members to participate in formal recruitment. The shirts promoted “Six Teams, One Dream!” Our Sigma Kappa ladies were SO excited to be part of it! We had a super fun tailgate wearing our shirts, “ΣΚ <3’s UTSA” buttons and, of course, orange and blue bows with ΣΚ on them! It was so much fun being part of such a huge day for the UTSA and Panhellenic community!

Thanks Zeta Nu, for making my visit SO much fun!

LOVE~ Tiff

2 Weeks

Kassy Pierson

In college I remember thinking that two weeks was no time at all and I would become stressed by all the things I needed to accomplish in that small window of time. Now, time still flies right by me (and yes, there is the ever popular recruitment stress) but I look at a time period of two weeks very differently now.

I was at our Beta Tau Chapter at the University of Florida for two whole weeks. As a leadership consultant, I learned quickly that that is an incredible amount of time to be in one place and I am not lying when I say it began to feel like home. I got to unpack, do laundry, get familiar with a campus and most importantly, deepen my roots in the Mystic Bond with a new group of women.  And wow – what a group of women I stumbled upon…

These women changed my life in that two week period. I challenged them and they continually met – no, actually exceeded – the expectations I had for them. Together, we were productive in a learning environment while still having fun laughing about senseless things like llamas, bells, living in the violet bubble and silly dance moves. They showed me a level of sisterhood that is filled with cherished and unforgettable moments; these women accepted me with open arms and even more open hearts.

It is crazy how attached we can get in just two weeks, but then I think that maybe it is not so crazy because the bonds we share from coast to coast are something you can’t explain, you can only feel. And let me tell you, words cannot do justice for my stay at Beta Tau.

When Sigma Kappas say we are sisters, we mean it and all that comes with it. Two weeks, that is all it takes to have a group of sisters bring about a beautiful reminder that brings a smile across your face and adds extra warmth to your heart that lasts a lifetime.

Thanks Beta Tau for the memories. I’ll miss UF!

❤ Kass