‘Tis the Season

Kristin Ramey
Kristin Ramey

When you think of the common phrase, “’tis the season,” you may think of a decorated tree, presents or Santa. For the last month, ’tis the season has come to mean something much more important in the land of Sigma Kappa – Recruitment season!

Whether I am at a pre recruitment or a formal recruitment, recruitment plans, potential new members, and sisterhood are in the air. Being a part of the preparations and execution of such an important aspect to every Sigma Kappa chapter has made me see recruitment in a new way. Although it is important to recruit new members for each chapter’s numbers, it is more satisfying to see how each chapter comes together, forming new bonds with one another.

I believe that one of the best ways to evaluate a chapter’s sisterhood is by watching their preference ceremony. When you take away the speeches and songs, a preference ceremony comes down to how close the women in the room are, and the potential new members can see that. As a potential new member myself, five long years ago, I entered Sigma Kappa’s preference ceremony as a completely different person. Today, I can officially say that I have been a part of/heard 10 preference ceremonies. Without fail, I have cried during every one.

Regardless of what university you go to or what Sigma Kappa chapter you’re a part of, the preference ceremony is something the binds every Sigma Kappa together. It is by far my favorite aspect of recruitment, and I can’t wait to be a part of more as my travels continue!

Special shout out to the amazing women that I have met thus far: Epsilon Epsilon, Gamma Phi, Delta Eta and Theta Tau!



The Girls Are Back in Town

Jacqueline Newell
Jacqueline Newell

As I begin to become fully immersed in the LC life (let’s be honest, that happened on day one), I have been given the opportunity to watch each campus rapidly populate with each chapter that arrives for pre-recruitment. College campuses tend to be ghost towns before students arrive for fall classes, but what I have experienced the last few weeks is the impact that sorority women have on that transition. Towns go from casual everyday living to a noisy, colorful, and bustling environment with chants and songs coming from every doorway.

In Gainesville, FL, Sigma Kappa was one of the few chapters on campus during my time there. The town was mainly populated by students taking summer classes and locals who were enjoying the silence in town. On my third day at the University of Florida, the whole chapter arrived for pre-recruitment; the house went from deserted to pushing capacity within 24 hours. This small influx of 100+ women made all the difference.

While at the University of Tennessee, I had the opportunity to run on the campus before and after pre-recruitment started. Before pre-recruitment started for most sororities, I was greeted by international students who always waved and said hi while I ran by. Once pre-recruitment started, I was criss-crossing through packs of women in “frocket” t-shirts and oversized tank tops. From my window in the chapter house, I was able to watch the sorority village fill up as parents moved their daughters into the houses, giant letters were placed outside, and recruitment promotional photos were being taken – the sorority village really came alive!

Lastly, in my first week at Epsilon Zeta, I have seen a house be a home, a street become filled with cars decorated in paint saying “Go Greek,” and a campus become populated. I have seen Subway go from a sleepy sandwich shop to the most popular eatery on campus. A week has passed now since I arrived at Western Kentucky University and each day is busier than the one before it. Each day of pre-recruitment, I have been greeted in the morning by a different chapter’s songs and chants; and with that, comes a new song stuck in my head.

At each school I have visited, I have seen the campus population grow in different ways, and with each pre-recruitment I visit, I have been able to experience the culture of the campuses I’m visiting. To those who are just now returning to school, I wish you the best of luck with recruitment and the school year ahead. For those who permenantly reside in college towns, hopefully our door songs can help sing you to sleep. But for now, settle in for the ride – it’s recruitment season!


Who Is Your Role Model

Jaynie Levinson
Jaynie Levinson

As women, we are lucky to have so many powerful leaders that we can look up to in the world. But what makes our role model, our role model?? What characteristics does this woman possess that makes you so intrigued to learn from her? Before starting my journey as a leadership consultant, I thought about who my role models were, both famous and not famous, and found what I love is a powerful woman. If you’e wondering who my role model is, unfortunately I couldn’t come up with just one or two, so I picked a few characteristics that I really appreciate and make a difference in my life:

  1.  The ability to speak confidently in front of a group of people. 
  2.  The ability to empower everyone in a room. 
  3.   A woman who can listen and be trusted. 
  4.  A women who can be positive in almost all situations.
  5.  A woman who presents herself well. 
  6.  A woman who finds the good in others.

So how can you become a role model to someone else? Every single one of us is good at something, better yet, every single one of us women are GREAT at something. Yes, it might be something small and that goes unnoticed, but you are good at it! So embrace your strengths, and don’t let your weaknesses bring you down. If I’m being honest, this was the most challenging aspect of following my role model. It’s hard to realize that weaknesses can’t be fixed with the snap of my finger, but my strengths can be used every single day. Learn to love the great parts about you!

One of the best ways to grow as a woman is to find a role model or a mentor and learn from them. Your personal role model could be one of your sorority sisters, or your family members, or even a famous actress. Whoever this role model may be, write down or make a mental note as to why she is your role model. Every single one of us has the potential to be a role model to someone else. Challenge yourself to be the best person you can be. Use one of Sigma Kappa’s great values of personal growth and allow yourself to grow throughout your collegiate experience. I’m sure one day you will positively touch someone’s life with or without knowing it!



Opening a New Door

Erica Lagos
Erica Lagos

“Confidence is what allows you to open a door when you have absolutely no idea what is behind it.”  – Linda Poindexter

As we are all getting back into what I’m sure is going to be an amazing school year there is much preparation taking place. Whether it be getting ready for classes, getting ready for recruitment, or starting our new member programs, it is safe to say that we are going to be busy bees this fall. While many of us may be starting another year at a university or college, there is a large group that is starting a new journey, their freshman year of college. This year is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. Whether these students choose to go through recruitment, how they adjust to a new schedule, and making new friends along the way, it can all be a bit of an adjustment. This year, although I am not returning to school or going through recruitment, I, in a way feel like a freshman too.

Just about each week I am traveling to a new school, which means meeting new people and adapting to the culture. I have to say I’m very lucky though! Although I’m meeting new people and adapting to new places so frequently, it is always with my Sigma Kappa sisters. There truly is something special about getting off of an airplane and having someone greet you with a warm smile knowing that you will be able to connect and share things that strangers would never have the opportunity to.

Sometimes, though, the journey takes you to a place you never thought you would be, a place where you’re unsure of how things will turn out, or a place where you don’t know what the next step you will take is. This is where confidence comes in; you have to trust that if you are making the best decisions for yourself everything is going to work out. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not always a bad thing! Try it sometime! There really are so many wonderful opportunities out there behind the doors that we never open. Don’t be afraid to do something new…it is a new year after all!

Good luck to everyone starting their first few weeks of class, to the women who are going through recruitment, and those who are recruiting! You’ve got this – put a smile on and let your confidence shine!

Xo. Erica.

Put on Some Lipstick and Live a Little

Hannah Villa
Hannah Villa

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am absolutely 100% addicted to lipstick. Now while this mild obsession has drastically grown over the past year, I must say that I have always been a huge fan of lip treatments. Growing up, I, like many 5-year-old little girls, was completely obsessed with makeup. I spent most of my days dolling myself up in blue eye shadow and red lipstick passed down to me by my grandmother. I would sit on my mother’s vanity and spend hours perfecting my colorful face. I had zero idea how thoroughly hideous I looked, and I am still miffed that my mother let me out of the house.

Flashing forward to present day…I believe that I now have much more experience in putting on makeup, nevertheless my love for lip color and lip treatments has not waned one bit. I still have to restrain myself every time I go into a drug store for I simply can’t fit any more lipstick into my bag!

For me lipstick is a friendly reminder about how perfectly thrilling being a woman is. Lipstick lets you play, lets you frolic in the essence of your femininity, and lets the world know that you are here to have an adventure.

No matter what kind of day I’m having, whether I am dog tired or as hyper as Honey Boo Boo on pageant ‘special juice,’ I always find that lipstick helps put that extra pep in my step. It polishes off my recruitment-ready look and adds that much needed pop of color.

Below is just a few…yes, I know 12 is not a few…of my all-time favorite lipsticks and lip treatments. To some, I know that lipstick seems too bold and they would rather stick to their favorite gloss. But my charge to you my friends is to try a fun, fabulous and daring lipstick. Slap it on, step out the door, and observe how phenomenal you feel. Put on some lipstick and live a little.


xoxo- H

Live to Learn, Learn to Live.

Amy Gallagher
Amy Gallagher

This summer at advanced training, each of the leadership consultants took StrengthsFinder. For those of you who are not familiar, StrengthsFinder is a questionnaire designed to determine your personality strong points in order to help you develop your leadership style. The overall theory behind strengths-based leadership is that one should focus on highlighting their strengths rather than constantly attempting to develop their weaknesses. My top five leadership strengths were analytical, learner, achiever, discipline and significance. After completion of the questionnaire, you are provided with an explanation of how you carry out each of your strengths.

The result that stuck out most to me was learner. I always enjoy gaining knowledge and I love new experiences, but it had never been so clear how much I crave that in my life and how much I seek it every day. For me, in particular, I often seek to understand why an event happens or new factual information. If there was ever a job that provides you the opportunity to learn something new every single day, it’s a leadership consultant. There is a neverending amount of women to meet and get to know, campus traditions to learn, types of food to taste test, and areas to explore.

In the past week, I have been lucky enough to go from Louisiana to Iowa – two states I had never visited before – explore the city and culture of New Orleans, transition from a chapter of 20 to a chapter of 100, and submerge myself in a new campus and their recruitment process. Learning what is specific to an area or chapter makes me feel a part of something familiar to the women, even if it is unfamiliar to me. Knowledge I have gained through Sigma Kappa has translated into my everyday life with non-members, and I am sure it has for many of you as well. I encourage you to seek that connection, also. Below are some great Pinspirations for a healthy outlook on learning.

In Sigma Love, Amy

A Dream Becoming Reality

Molly Kenney
Molly Kenney

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

This quote describes the women of Epsilon Mu at the University of Missouri throughout the long, but rewarding, two weeks of pre-recruitment week and recruitment! When I arrived to my residentially based chapter, I was greeted by a door stack, enthusiasm and determination to have a successful recruitment. The women’s attention to detail and perfection helped them welcome a new member class of over 85 women. I never thought I would hear a chapter say, “We want to stay later during pre-recruitment week to make everything perfect.” Ladies, you have made me so proud of all your hard work. I can’t wait to help the Epsilon Mu Chapter continue to grow throughout the year.


Door Stack, which is a Sigma Kappa chant that is yelled from the doorway at the start of each event throughout recruitment for the PNMs.


The women of Epsilon Mu before open house.


BID DAY Fall 2013

Dove love,