Eating my way through the USA

Elizabeth Scott

Being a traveling leadership consultant for Sigma Kappa has lots of perks: seeing new places, meeting new people and eating incredible food! Each visit on the road, I typically eat at local restaurants. Whether it is the food, the preparation or the place, each food experience on the road is unique. Luckily, I am not a picky eater, and am always up to try new places. During January and February, I had the chance to eat lots of amazing food. Here’s a taste in the life of a leadership consultant!

Most unique presentation: Venturing out into the snow for this treat, Alpha Gamma
member Britney Derow decided that slicing our Ben and Jerry’s down the middle was the easiest and most fair way to split it.

Best pizza: Greek pizza from Spago in Las Vegas. A close second to La Bocca Urban Pizzeria in Tempe, Ariz.

Best cookie: Cookiez on Mill in Tempe,  known for their cookie sandwiches. I got a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwich, and that is only a half!

Most unique doughnut: Voodoo doll doughnut from Voodoo doughnut in Portland, Ore. The doughnut is raspberry filled!

Most unique to-go box: Le Bistro Montage in Portland, Ore. Inside that squirrel is pesto mac and cheese with shrimp, which was to die for. Also, the restaurant has the greatest atmosphere. They seat you at long tables with other parties.

Best brunch: Gar Woods Grill and Pier in Tahoe, Nev. The crabby eggs benedict was incredible!

Best soup and sandwich: Süp restaurant in Reno, Nev. I had the chicken tortilla soup and turkey pesto sandwich.

Best tacos: Rubio’s (Pomona, Calif.) This is not a local restaurant, but it is a chain only on the west coast. My chicken bacon tacos with habanero citrus salsa were amazing.

Best Italian: Di Pilla’s Italian restaurant. The food was amazing and it is owned by Daniela Ramunno’s, a member of Zeta Upsilon, family. Make sure you get the Di Pilla sauce!

Best nachos: Jose’s in La Jolla, Calif . This local restaurant had great nachos and was close to the Pacific Ocean and the sea lions!

Best snack: Sprinkles Cupcakes I am not much of a cupcake person, but my peanut butter chip cupcake hit the spot after dinner.

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Eating my way through the USA” (I’ve always been a huge Food Network fan)! Here’s to two more months of local eateries and fending off the consultant fifteen!




Back in the Georgia State, of Mind.

After a bit of traveling to Indianapolis and Philadelphia, I am back in Georgia for another great semester with Kappa Tau!

The day I got back, the chapter and I had a busy weekend ahead with Collegiate Officer’s Academy, Executive Council Retreat, Advisor Workshops, and Recruitment Workshops. What a weekend! The officer’s really benefited from COA, facilitated by their New Chapter Province Officer, Michelle McFerrin, and aided by their Advisory Board Chairman, Dana French. The president led a few hula hoop team builders outside, enjoying the nice weather.

Banner created by the PR Chairwoman, Leah Yates
Kappa Tau Officers at COA

The following day, I created and facilitated an Executive Council Retreat on ‘respect’ and ‘teamwork.’ Facilitating is my favorite part of being an LC! The retreat focused around how to work as a team, understanding different opinions, and the FISH! philosophy. As a team building exercise, the council was challenged with lowering a hula hoop to the ground, as a group, using only their index finger.

Seems simple enough, right?

This task is a bit more difficult than it sounds and after a bit of strategical planning the group got the hang of it! Unfortunately, they never want to see a hula hoop again in their life! Overall, it was a successful afternoon and one of my favorite days with the group! We ended the afternoon with a video to get the ladies motivated about the upcoming year!