All-time Favorites

Heather Milton

A large chunk of my job involves meeting with chapter officers.  I answer their burning questions, provide resources, problem solve, talk philosophies of leadership and offer new perspectives.  The one question I get asked 98.3% of the time is: do you have any new ideas for __________ ?

So I thought I’d share with you all!

Heather’s Official All-Time Favorite Officer Ideas

1. Promise program: Big/little sister revealing is better than Christmas, so why not wrap up the big sisters in presents and have the little sisters open them!

Who's in there? A Kappa Tau big sister!

2. Sisterhood: During Inspiration Days, new members are assigned a “Guardian Angel” or “Secret Sigma.”  This older member leaves you small gifts throughout your time as a collegian, only to reveal who they are when either they or you graduate!

Sweet tooth
Guardian Angel gift at Epsilon Tau

3. Philanthropy: If your chapter Code of Conduct specifies that fines are to be assessed for unexcused absences, then once a year allow members to join the 1874 Giving Circle in place of paying a fine – but not for missing recruitment or chapter meetings!  It’s usually cheaper by a couple bucks for the members, plus it ups your chapter’s percentage for the 1874 Giving Circle!

Join me, join me, join me!

4. Chapter management: Create a position-specific Gmail account for each officer in the chapter.  For example, the chapter president’s email could be, or the sisterhood chairman’s could be  That way, officers can simply pass along the login info to their successors each year, with all of their past correspondence and files in one nifty location!

5. Standards of Excellence: Make SOE a chapterwide effort. Blow up the SOE brochure from For Sisters Only, laminate it and hang it up in your chapter facility. Use dry-erase markers to track the chapter’s progress throughout the year!

Don't you want one of these babies???

xo, Heather

Disclaimer: I can’t really claim to have come up with these all on my own – thanks to all who shared their great ideas with me along the way!