Shake it off! Shake it off!


As I wrap up my first semester of my LC journey, I am reminded of the life change and growth that has happened over the last several months. It’s been a time of reflection, thankfulness, and JOY!

My favorite part of my job is mentoring young women and helping them be the best they can be – exuding confidence and contagious joy! Obstacles (or hidden blessings) are GOOD, and I want the world to know. I’ve seen sisters who feel like they cannot hurdle challenges, and I love being the one to tell them, you CAN! One of my favorite preachers, Joyce Meyer, tells a story that has illustrated this point well in many sermons. I know it’s a message we can all gather meaning from. I’m going to call it the Donkey Story.


There was an old donkey on a farm who was playing outside and enjoying the beautiful day. The donkey was running and accidentally fell into a pit. The moaning and groaning of the donkey grabbed the attention of the farmer who was on the porch. When the farmer reached the pit and witnessed what had happened to his old donkey, he decided the donkey was old and the pit needed to be filled anyway, so he attempted to fill the pit. The donkey moaned with every pile of dirt that beat against his head. Shovel after shovel, the donkey grew more tired and began to give up trying to scramble out. All of the sudden the groaning stopped, and the donkey stood up on top of the pile of dirt tossed in by the farmer. The next shovel full, the donkey shook the dirt off and got on top of it. The next one, the donkey shook off and stood on top again. This happened until the mound got so high that the donkey hopped out of the pit stronger and more joyful then he was before.

What kind of dirt is getting shoveled on you? Is it piling up on your shoulders? Do you need to shake it off and rise on top of it?

Bottom line: Life is going to throw dirt on us. We get to decide to shake it off. You see, the pit is only as deep as you make it. The pit is only as lonely, as unflattering, as unclean as you allow it to be. Get on top of it! You have SO much power and so much energy – where are you spending it? Don’t just sit there and wait for someone to throw a rope for you, because chances are it will not happen. Take initiative for yourself and get out.

Go be amazing today and get out of the pit.



10 Life Lessons Learned During my First Week in Memphis

Lindy Luchowski, Gamma Zeta, Northern Illinois University
Lindy Luchowski, Gamma Zeta, Northern Illinois University

This past week living down in Memphis has been fun, exciting, challenging and definitely educational! I have never lived more than 45 minutes away from home and therefore never REALLY had to fend for myself. So what happens when you put me 8 hours away from home in a large city where I know about two people? Here are some life lessons I learned in my first week in Memphis…

  1. When you see a giant bug in your apartment, you must kill it ASAP no matter how afraid you are. Otherwise, it will run away when your eyes are closed from crying and haunt you for the rest of your life. (Until the maintenance man comes two days later, finds it, and so kindly kills it for you… while you rupture a vocal cord from screaming so loud.)

Below is a photo of the bug. (It is blurry because I was shaking so hard.)


2.  If a certain outlet is not working, it is probably the outlet connected to the light switch and you have the light switch turned off. Also, it is important to identify this outlet early and be sure NOT to plug your cable/wifi into it because then you will sit at your computer for two hours and cry because you can’t get anything to work.

3. What to do if your car breaks down on a very busy street in a city you are completely unfamiliar with:

11930667_10205940321520388_794094474_n1. Turn on the hazard lights.

2. Turn to LC Brianna and ask what to do.

3. Call parental figure.

4. Breathe and do not cry. If you are crying or not breathing, you are NOT helping the situation.

5. Safely exit the vehicle and go to a safe place nearby. (This should be step #2 but I wanted you to be able to learn from my mistakes.)

6. Call Triple A.

7. Look up nearby SAFE auto mechanics so you don’t get taken to a random one from the tow truck driver.

8. Order an Uber to get you safely to a rental car place.

4. Make good friends with your next door neighbor, so that when you scream so loud you rupture a vocal cord because of the giant bug in your apartment you actually have someone who will come check on you. And they will let you borrow ketchup when you forgot to buy some. statefarm-is-there-like-a-good-neighbor

5. Gluten Free pasta is actually extremely tasty!

6. If you cannot find a hammer, a wrench can work just as well.

7. It is perfectly acceptable to ask the person sitting in the booth next to you at Starbucks if they want to be friends with you.

8. Tube popsicles will not freeze in only 12 hours no matter how hard you beg them to.

9. No question is a stupid question even if someone tells you it is.

10. The biggest lesson I learned this week is you can do anything with a positive attitude! Your friends and family are always there to support you. It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you will be happy you did!