Bienvenidos a Miami

Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton
Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau, California State University, Fullerton

I was finally able to travel to one of the cities I have wanted to visit for a very long time, Miami! We’ve seen the movies and television shows of the crystal blue water, fast boats, yachts and warm weather. Let me tell you, my expectations were pretty high stepping off the plane and I was not disappointed.

Being in Miami reminded me of a lot of being home in California. I think it helped that I explored the city with my big sister, Malaina. It was hard not to make constant comparisons between the two locations that are miles and miles apart. Even though I must say Miami traffic and crazy driving beats California by a long shot!

The Food- There are tons of taquerias in California where you can find the best Mexican food. Whatever you want they’ll have it, tacos, burritos and one of my personal favorites, sopes. In Miami, I discovered my love for Cuban food. Malaina and I had many meals consisting of maduros, tostones and the classic Cuban breakfast. I can’t forget the coffee either! Colados and cortaditios have raised the bar on my coffee expectations.

The Language and Culture- I wish I had continued my education in Spanish because it is a first language for many people who live in Miami and California. For that reason, I started learning Spanish in 7th grade but unfortunately stopped after my first semester in college. It would have been so beneficial during my recent trip but I got to break it back out and practice. I also quickly caught on to the Latin greeting in Miami, of cheek to cheek kissing.

The Art- I fell in love with the art district in Miami. There are walls and walls of art on the buildings and streets of Wynwood. I didn’t get to see it all in Miami but when I go back it’s #1 on my list! In California, attending Coachella or going to The Broad Art museum you also get a chance to see lots of unique pieces.


The Shopping and Fashion- We all know I am pretty much a shopaholic and if you don’t SURPRISE. All the malls, shops and stores in Miami had so many items I wanted to take home. They were so big I think I almost got lost in the maze of clothing. Malaina and I went on a shopping spree! In California, there are at least 4 malls and 3 large shopping plazas within a 15 mile radius of my home. They may not be as large as Miami however they are definitely abundant.

The Beach- Being from California you would think that I would prefer to be at the beaches there. This is partially true. In California, I love going to the beach for the hiking trails near the water and the many activities on or near the piers. In Miami, the water is so warm and vibrantly blue unlike California. The sand is also so white and doesn’t have as many rocks as they do back home. This may not be a big deal to some but it makes a big difference. On the sands of Huntington Beach, there are plenty of fire pits for bon fires when night falls however in Miami there are plenty chairs and umbrellas to relax under the sun without baking.


You are probably thinking “Jess which place do you love more?” I think it’s pretty clear….

beautiful world

Time to Jet,




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