Take NYC in 2 Days

Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

A couple of weekends ago, I had the chance to visit New York City with three fellow LCs – Addison, Bianca and Jess! It was the first time I had been to NYC since 7th grade so I was excited to visit again! Unfortunately, we only had two days to explore, however, there are many things you can do in a short period of time to still get in the “New York State of Mind.” There’s so much to do in the Big Apple from great eats to fabulous sites. Here’s how to take on the Big Apple when you only have a weekend to visit. Don’t worry, NYC staples are included.

  • Take a picture (or several) in Times Square. Walk around and take in the lights and billboards. It makes you feel like you’re truly living your own personal movie.
  • Go see the One World Trade Center. The last time I visited the area it was Ground Zero so it was neat for me to come back to see buildings reconstructed there after 9/11. Looking up at the building, you can sense America’s strength, ability and success to stand on her feet again.
  • Visit Top of the Rock. 70 floors up, this offers an amazing view of the city on top of the Rockefeller Center.
  • Ride the Staten Island Ferry. It’s free and comes with a great panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. Plus, who doesn’t love boat rides?
  • Take a stroll around Central Park. Find the iconic attractions in the park such as the Alice In Wonderland and Balto statues.
  • Walk down Fifth Avenue for a shopping paradise.
  • Eat a slice of pizza. There are so many delicious pizza restaurants so picking up a pie is a must.
  • Catch a Broadway show! There are so many wonderful shows offered. We saw Les Miserables which is a must-see!
  • Experience Wall Street and check out the Charging Bull statue. See where the financial magic happens.
  • The Met. Even if you aren’t into art, it’s still cool to sit on the steps and take in the fact you are in New York.
         IMG_6584-2                    IMG_6586
NYC has so much to offer and it’s easy to have a fun adventure weekend while hitting some major sites.

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