Wo(man) in the Mirror


During my travels this semester, I have learned many things about how Sigma Kappa looks all over the country. I’ve had a unique opportunity to explore this timeless sisterhood from coast to coast. Every now and then I get caught up in the amazement of the location I’m in, the wonderful people I meet, or the good food! Less often, I think of myself and how I have developed personally along the way. Things I’ve liked, things I didn’t. I’ve thought about what makes me happy and what drives me crazy. I’ve spent a lot of time with sisters from everywhere, but I’ve spent the most time with ME. Here’s a little reflection of me now…


  1. I LOVE when I see children, dogs and stuffed animals…

I will hug them and love on them. I like to pat them and pretend they are sad so I can make them feel better. I just want to love on something; I’m not too cool for an inanimate object either.

  1. I strongly dislike propeller planes.

I love flying, but I recently had an experience on a propeller plane (about 3 hours ago). It was not cool. I felt like I was hang gliding off a sheet of metal. Something about the propellers wigged me out, too. Aviation adventure gone wrong.

  1. I love it when someone gives me the, “I finally get it!” face.

YES! This experience happened the other day. What started off as a tense situation ended up in laughter and compromise! Ahhh, the smell of a great chapter visit.

  1. I love it that every chapter says “trueeee” in a deep/sarcastic voice.

This happens from east coast to west coast. No further discussion needed. If you aren’t saying it yet, be a follower.

  1. I’m over, “hi, where are you from?”

I get it. This is a vital piece of Meeting People 101, but what I really want to know are things like: “What makes you a happy person?” “What do you not like?” “What changed your life?” “Who changed your life?” “What makes YOU up?” Maybe this is the psychology degree coming out. I just think you are special, and I want to hear your story.

  1. Speaking of that question, I’m right on the border…

I have created my own hand gesture for, “On the border of Louisville, KY and southern Indiana. About 5 minutes north of the city.” Chapter members are beginning to make fun of me for it because it’s a frequent conversation for me.

  1. I love showers.

I am finding showers more and more relaxing with each passing day. I think it’s because I sing in the shower and the acoustics make me sound better than I really am. #lifehacks

  1. I will sing to you and dance in front of you and will not care.

Just ask Theta Zeta at the University of Virginia about this one. I did the worm on the floor for them before a recruitment round to get them pumped up (I’m still not 100% sure it was effective). I have also frequently sung with a number of chapter members in various vehicles on various road trips.

  1. I dislike goodbyes.

Some chapters cried when we parted ways. It wouldn’t be a lie if I said I got teary eyed too at those moments.

  1. I can sleep anywhere.

You name it, I’ve slept on it. This is a skill set I was not born with and claimed I would never be able to do. Planes, cars, futons, (lots of) beds, airport floors – lights out.



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