Cossette Powley - Zeta Omicron Chapter, University of Arizona
Cossette Powley – Zeta Omicron Chapter, University of Arizona

Hey there readers,

As you know, I am currently living in Eugene, Oregon and let me tell you I CANNOT wait for spring. When I made some of the initial visits to this beautiful college town the flowers and trees were ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I mean, do you blame me for being obsessed with nature…my friends all laugh when I make them stop so I can take a picture. When everything starts to bloom, that means that spring is coming. Thank you Phil (the groundhog)!


There is so much to look forward to! Not only are the colors so adorable, but the weather is finally WARMER!! I have compiled a list of my current favorite spring time things and activities:

  1. Scalloped shorts…have you seen some, ADORABLE.
  2. All the spring flowers!
  3. The return of lush looking trees
  4. I must repeat…warmer weather!
  5. Floral patterns!
  6. All the in-season fruits and vegetables…it is a lot, let me tell you!
  7. Spring vacations!
  8. Bunny shaped anything…especially candy!
  9. The return of yummy Refreshers from Starbucks!
  10. Spring cleaning…HAD TO GO THERE.

If you are just as excited as me, feel free to tweet me @copofosho! I look forward to seeing all the fresh flowers and adorable floral outfits.

Happy Spring 😀



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