It’s Oregon

Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University
Madison Clark, Theta Xi, Auburn University

Last weekend Bianca, Nicole and I ventured off to Portland, Oregon. I had never been to the Pacific Northwest and didn’t know what to expect when I got there. However, each day was filled with lots of adventures and it turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever taken! Portland is an amazing city composed of different neighborhoods with quirky but nice people, a variety of eateries, copious amounts of food trucks and so much to do and see.

When we explored the city, we naturally went to Powell’s City of Books, VooDoo Donuts, Pittock Mansion and numerous local coffee shops. Pittock Mansion was a gem surrounded by foliage in the West Hills with a panoramic view of the city below. Photo ops were always a priority so we ventured to the building with “Keep Portland Weird” painted on the side and walked on the bridge near Old Town to get the “Portland, Oregon” sign in the background.

FullSizeRender        IMG_6432        FullSizeRender-2

On Saturday we rented a car to journey outside of the city and to see what else the state of Oregon had to offer. We followed a scenic highway that took us to Troutdale, a 100+ year old city, with a charming General Store and to the Vista House at Crown Point for a stunning view of the Columbia River and beyond. Another one of our stops was Multnomah Falls, a gorgeous and majestic sight for sure. We walked up to the bridge, continued walking and ended up hiking over a mile up to the top of the mountain. This, we did not expect to do and I had to hike in heeled booties. Talk about getting weird looks from people…but the journey to the top was worth it. The view at the top of the falls and of the river and land beyond was worth every uncomfortable step to the top.

IMG_6434      IMG_6439      FullSizeRender-3

After the falls, we drove an hour and a half to Mt. Hood. The drive was wondrous, listening to classic throwbacks and taking in everything the views had to offer. The higher we drove into the mountains, the more snow we saw blanketing the trees. The drive provided a breathtaking view of the snow covered trees that ombred to the top of the mountain. We ended up at the Timberline Lodge which we found out was the location where some of The Shining was filmed. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we were able to sit at a dinner table with an astounding sunset view. There couldn’t have been a better way to end the day.

IMG_6328             IMG_6335

Our last day we walked more around the city, ate at some food trucks and we concluded our trip by attending a Portland Trail Blazers game – my first NBA game. The seats were great and winning the game was a cherry on top! Needless to say, our trip was perfect. It was full of adventures, inside jokes, unforgettable memories and new friends. The three of us learned that when seeing something a bit odd, unexplainable or incredible, you simply just have to say “It’s Oregon!”





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