Missouri Born and Raised


With three Missouri natives on the LC team this year, I have decided to beat them to it and share with the world what it means to grow up in the Show Me State. With the spring-like weather recently, I am missing my usual adventures exploring the beautiful state of Missouri. Here are some of my favorite things about living in the Midwest!

If you don’t know where Missouri is, it is smack dab in the middle of the United States. With 7 states touching it, there are short road trips to be had. My favorite road trips include hiking in Northwest Arkansas!

Whitaker Point overlooking the Buffalo River

Missouri experiences every season and in style. I can’t count how many times it was 70 degrees one day and snowing the next. My favorite season is fall and playing in the Ozark leaves!

Sigma Kappa means jumping in piles of leaves with your sisters

In the summer everyone has one thing on their minds: the lake. Anyone from Missouri knows that “the lake” actually means the Lake of the Ozarks. This place is a magical array of hotels, beaches, water sports, and restaurants. My favorite memories include sunset cruises around the lake!

I swear Missouri has the best sunsets

Missouri isn’t just corn fields and cow pastures like the rest of the USA thinks. We actually have two major cities: St. Louis and Kansas City! Home to great baseball teams (Go Cards!), historic landmarks, famous alumni, and quality entertainment, these cities are a huge attraction to anyone in state and out of state.

I got the VIP tour of KC this summer and fell in love

I can’t brag on a place without talking about the food. Towns across the state are known for their specific dishes that we all grow up on and love. St. Louis is known for its toasted ravs (ravioli), Kansas City for its BBQ, Columbia for its Shakespeare’s pizza, and Springfield for its pineapple whip. There is something for everybody!

The best summer treat. It’s a mix between ice cream, sorbet, and shave ice

Overall, Missouri has everything and is an open book for adventure. I never thought I would miss it but you know what they say… the Midwest is Best!

Adventures at the castle ruins of Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Dove Love,

Addison Reed


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