Catching the IU Spirit

Brianna McKay, Kappa Eta, Texas Christian University
Brianna McKay, Kappa Eta, Texas Christian University

Hello again after a long break! As many of you know I graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU) and have a lot of school spirit. I can often be found saying “Go Frogs!” and throwing up my schools hand sign. Now that I am living in Bloomington, IN, I feel like I’m at a school that has the same amount of school spirit as mine does. However, that school spirit is for a very different sport than football. (Which by the way, the Horned Frogs won the Alamo Bowl! Go Frogs!)

The sport that the Indiana Hoosiers rally around is basketball. I am a big sports fan but I have never really been into basketball. I knew that if I was going to catch some IU school spirit I was going to have to get into basketball. I finally had the opportunity to go to an IU basketball game and now I get the whole basketball thing. I can officially say I have caught some of the Hoosier spirit.

Here is my journey at the basketball game:

  1. IU BBallHere I am before the game started rocking my crimson and white
  2. IMG_3621This is the view from my seats at the game
  3. IMG_3624Here I am finding a really cool Snapchat filter
  4. IMG_3628This is the infamous timeout where the entire crowd sings the school fight song. So cool
  5. IMG_3632This is when the game got interesting and very close
  6. IMG_3633Here is the picture of the Hoosier win!
  7. IMG_3622Don’t fret though, here I am still reppin’ the TCU Frogs at the basketball game

I don’t know if I’m ready to switch over to the saying “Go Hoosiers” from my current saying “Go Frogs” but I definitely enjoy rocking the crimson and white.

Until next time,



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