Me, Myself, & I


Whether you read this title and think of Beyonce or G-Eazy (my favorite rapper), you can probably guess the topic. As per tradition of consultants passed, I am here to introduce myself as a mid-hire of Sigma Kappa! My name is Addison Reed and I graduated from the Delta Upsilon chapter at Missouri State University. This semester, I am a full time traveler planning to visit 15 universities in 14 states in 4 months!  I enjoy a good Buzzfeed article so I’ve laid out 6 facts about me in a series of gifs. Enjoy 🙂

1.  Ask any of my friends and they would say my defining feature is my laugh. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh..


2.  I think I am a pretty good dancer but I’ve been told my skills match the level of Katy Perry’s left shark in the Superbowl last year. I’ve even won the superlative most likely to mess up the orientation dance two summers in a row!

left shark


3.  Missouri State students say I have a lot of school spirit. I frequently sing the fight song at random times for fun. Go Bears!

school spirit


4.  My go-to way to de-stress is driving on the back country roads, windows down, singing at the top of my lungs. Gotta love the space in the Midwest!


5.  My happiest place on the planet is the beach. Already saving for my retirement home in Hawaii (jk)


6.  According to the MGTI personality test, I am 100% extrovert so I gain my energy by being with people. Good thing I travel the country to meet new people every day!


I hope you feel like you know me better now. Look out for more to come with this exciting semester ahead!

Dove Love,









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