Enjoying Everyday Life


We are all trying to lead a life that makes a difference, a life that’s impactful. Whatever your major, your calling, what you are told at a young age by your parents; we have common ground in our belief that our lives could be “better”. According to Olivia’s Life Advice Column (Vol. 476), life is about being able to find happiness and contentment at any moment in life (that column doesn’t exist but I SO wish it did).

I have learned a few important things in my short time doing this life-thing that have molded me throughout my ever-changing adventures. The most important thing I have learned is the power of the mind. It’s fascinating to me the uniqueness, complexity and the power of our minds and how it effects our motivation to change behavior. I promise I’m not as boring as that topic sounds.

Sometimes (too much of the time) I think about this simple phenomena…how to enjoy life no matter what our circumstance. When I am having these conversations with myself, pondering life’s most mysterious secrets, I often ask the question: What would happen if we collectively stopped to breathe and enjoy life right where we are – not where we wish we would be after our 4-year plan or after the debt is paid off, or after we find the love of our life. How freeing would it be if life was meant to be enjoyed right NOW during the every day and the mundane as well as on the mountain top.

Even on our worst days, we have the power to choose joy! How much time do we think about how our words and attitudes decide if we are going to have a “good” day or a “bad” day. To me, every day we consciously make a decision to allow our circumstances to effect our joy OR let our joy effect our circumstances.

If we lived breathing in this reality every single day, our choices would look different, our conversations would look different, and we would certainly feel better. So why, then, is contentment so difficult? I believe we need to give credit to ourselves. See, this joy we can choose to exhibit overflows to everyone we encounter. How many times has a simple compliment changed the course of a “tragic” day we had been having? Maybe some of us need an attitude adjustment, maybe some a high five (or another Hershey bar if you’re anything like me).

The KEY is DURING life’s transitions, valleys and storms, can we manage to have joy and remain joyful? Can we manage to have peace and an understanding of the purpose of the stage of life we happen to find ourselves in? Don’t get me wrong, it won’t happen overnight, but the journey can be full of excitement if you let it be!

There is so much power in self-induced joy. You have the power to make a decision to love your life and love everyone in it right where you are. What could change if you had an extra dose of joy every day? It can’t hurt to find out! You owe it to yourself to figure out how to reinforce joy and repress negativity.

It’s nice to virtually meet all of you! Make the most out of today. Peace out ya’ll!



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