So You Love to Binge Watch TV Shows?

Bianca Pino - Kappa Omicron Chapter, Florida International University
Bianca Pino – Kappa Omicron Chapter, Florida International University

Well so do I! I mean, who doesn’t love to lay in bed and pop open their laptop to that wonderful red screen that is Netflix? Honestly, I like to consider myself an expert television show watcher. I collect television series on DVD and I watch about 20 shows at a time – I promise I really do have a life.

So if you’re a TV lover and are thinking of having a good ol’ binge watching session, here are a few essential items you will need:

Popcorn…and lots of it. Best kind is Orville’s Pop Up Bowl Movie Theater Butter. It’s just the right amount and if you love chocolate, I suggest you through some M&M’s inside!


It’s all about the lighting. It can’t be pitch dark because then you’ll just knock out and there goes that. It can’t be too bright because then your eyes might burn and you’ll get a headache. It has to be a nice dim lighting! (This is key if you are about to watch a scary television show like American Horror Story, because if it’s pitch dark, you might be paranoid for quite a while).

A large fuzzy blanket. My favorite blanket is the Threshold Fuzzy Throw from Target (no surprise). It’s huge, keeps me warm and snug, and is the perfect thing to keep me comfy.

Grab your favorite tumbler and fill it with some water. When on a binge watching session, you need to stay hydrated! This is like running a marathon, except you’re watching.

These four essentials will help you survive a long binge watching session. If you want to know what shows you should watch, check out this video from my YouTube Channel

Happy TV watching and adios,



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