A Weekend in Seattle

Dana Finley - Delta Chapter, Boston University
Dana Finley – Delta Chapter, Boston University

Before heading off to assist with our colonization at the University of Oregon, I spent a weekend in Seattle, Washington with my BFF and fellow consultant Cora Johnson, Kappa Phi. Our weekend was full of great food, plenty of walking and of course, copious amounts of coffee. Here are some nuggets of knowledge that we gleaned from our visit (as told mostly through Snapchat screenshots):

  • Accept that you’re going to do some touristy stuff. Don’t let people make you feel bad about it. Cora and I had some pretty condescending Lyft drivers who tried to make us feel like losers for wanting to go to the Pike Place Market and the original Starbucks storefront. To which I say, goodbye haters. It’s our vacation, we will do what we want–am I right?!
The famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle!
Me and all my tourist friends at the original Starbucks storefront.
  • Take advantage of the locals. We opted to stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel so that we could get a better feel for Seattle since we were only there for three nights. We stayed with an awesome local named Cody (if you ever find yourself in Seattle and you need a place to stay, do yourself a favor and check him out!) and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made while in Seattle. He gave us a personal tour of the city, complete with a trip to the chic waterfront hotel, the Edgewater, for one of the best brunches I’ve ever had and then on to the historic Ballard Locks. We would have never found either of those spots had we not stayed with a Seattlite.
Cora and I on the balcony at the Edgewater after brunch–the most beautiful view of the Seattle waterfront.
  • Always have a business card on you. Besides being a cardinal rule of being a consultant, you’ll never know when you need to leave your mark!


  • Make sure the gum you buy is actually bubble gum and not just chewing gum. Because it’s really hard to blow bubbles with chewing gum, it turns out. And it gets awkward when you’re asking a stranger to take your photo and it takes a really long time for you to get a bubble going.
Does anybody kind of see the heart in the gum behind us or is it just me?
  • Compare packing lists with your travel companion before you depart. Or you’ll end up looking like dorks in public like Cora and I did.
Not pictured: our matching leggings and sneakers.
  • You don’t need to pack a blow dryer when you go to Seattle, Mother Nature takes care of that for you. See Exhibit A below.
On Pier 66 in downtown Seattle.
  • Have fun and enjoy your personal time so you can return to work #likeaboss! 
Back in Eugene with fellow consultant Jessica! #yas

Until next time,






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