Because Yes, College does Eventually End

Britney Smith - Kappa Mu Chapter, Duquesne University
Britney Smith – Kappa Mu Chapter, Duquesne University

Some tips and tricks that would have been helpful to know before entering the big, bad real world great adventure of post-grad life.

  1. Don’t take your parents/guardians for granted. They really do know more than you think. Be extra appreciative if you’re lucky enough to have your parents paying your tuition or helping pay it. You seriously can’t thank them enough and don’t realize how fantastic it is until you get your loan statement.
  2. Google is a great best friend 🙂 But have someone teach you how to bake chicken before you move away from home!
  3. Prepare yourself to constantly step outside your comfort zone. After a while, you’ll enjoy the feeling of walking into something blind.
  4. ALWAYS act confident! No one knows when you’re faking it.
  5. Be busy! Fill your time with things that matter to you. Netflix shouldn’t be a priority anymore (at least not on the daily).
  6. Pick up the phone and call! You get to say so much more in so much less time.
  7. You need to take time for your relationships, but not every friendship is worth your time and energy. It’s okay to leave some friendships in your college memories.  
  8. Hangry does not look good on you. Pinterest has great quick and easy recipes for meal prepping for your busy weeks.
  9. You deserve nice things. Buy nice clothes/shoes/whatever you’re into. No reckless spending, but save up some $$$ and then put it to good use.
  10. In addition to #9, buy a fab bag. I was inspired by Past LC, Gabriela Rodiles’ My Search for the Perfect Bag blog she wrote last year. I love my Lo & Sons OG Bag for travel and long days spent on campus.
  11. It’s okay if you don’t know where you want to live and what you what to do for the rest of your life. You’re young and you’re allowed to wing it. Enjoy that you don’t have a set plan yet. 
  12. Life doesn’t get less fun! The “real world” has provided me just as many laughs and good times as college.

Enjoy your collegiate years, but certainly look forward  to life after graduation!




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