Dana Finley - Delta Chapter, Boston University
Dana Finley – Delta Chapter, Boston University

This week I am celebrating my one-month anniversary of moving to Myrtle Beach to work with our Lambda Beta chapter at Coastal Carolina University. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! In the last 30-ish days, I have learned so much about this unique university and have even utilized my own Instagram hashtag to document my time at CCU (#DFGoesCoastal, in case you were wondering). Here are a few “Coastal colloquialisms” I have picked up on:

  • Teal Tuesdays: Coastal’s colors are teal and gold. People really, really like teal here. (I like teal too!) So much so that every Tuesday you can see students and faculty alike strolling around in teal from head-to-toe. Apparently, the University gives out free t-shirts to those with the best teal attire. So much school spirit!

    The closest I will ever come to a bird in real life.
    The closest I will ever come to a bird in real life.
  • Chauncy the Chanticleer: Did you guys know that a Chanticleer is a rooster? I did not. My high school’s co-ed a cappella group is called the Chanticleers, so I always assumed that a chanticleer is a person who sings really well and wears spiffy clothes. I was so wrong. According to Coastal’s official website, a chanticleer is “a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard.” Fun fact: I have an a very large and very rational fear of all birds, especially roosters, after witnessing my sister being bit by one during a visit to a farm in our youth. I like to think that I am working on getting over my fear by working on a campus where this rooster is literally plastered on everything. (Sidenote: the correct way to prounounce chanticleer is SHONT-te-clear.)
  • CINO: The food court in the student union at Coastal is called the CINO Grill and student/faculty ID cards are called CINO cards. It took me about two weeks to ask Lambda Beta’s chapter president what CINO stood for. Apparently it stands for “Coastal Is Number One.” Clever, no? Once again, this place has a lot of school spirit.
  • “It’s not college, it’s Coastal.” Another common phrase here. I’m guessing it refers to the fact that this campus is not your typical college campus. For example, everyone zips around on fancy CCU golf carts, there are pools at many of the housing complexes dotting the campus, and the school owns its very own golf course which is open to the public. All the palmetto trees don’t hurt either.

It’s been a fun first month at Coastal, and I look forward to exploring this campus even more in the upcoming semester!


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