The Magic of Disney

Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College
Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

Growing up, Disney World was always this magical, special place I got to visit once a year with my family. I vividly remember my mom dropping me, my brother and sister in line at one ride, telling us not to move and before we could turn around, she would be running across the park to get a fast pass for another ride. Somehow we never had to wait to get on rides because she always perfectly, and ever so strategically planned out her fast pass action plan. Well, this week I got to visit Disneyland with three expert visitors and I had the best day learning all about this new Disney location. Although both parks are very similar, they also each have distinct perks which make them both worth visiting!

Disney World:

  1. Magic Kingdom. There is just a special feeling, those jitters and butterflies in your stomach that start building as you pass the Grand Floridian Hotel on the monorail and begin to see the peak of the Castle in the distance. The excitement is contagious and you can’t get out of the tram fast enough.
  2. The Castle. Walking through the entrance, and up Maine Street, with a million distractions of delicious smells being pumped out of the confectionaries, children dressed in princess costumes, Disney characters wandering the streets, it is hard to take your gaze away from the beautiful Castle that is straight ahead. If you have the chance, you can also actually stay in the castle as a hotel guest or just go downstairs for a once-in-a-lifetime meal.1
  3. Epcot’s around the world. Pasta, empanadas, crepes, wontons, dal? The cultural options are endless as your roam from country to country. I hope you have some sort of idea what you are in the mood for because if not the smells will certainly cloud your judgement.
  4. SOAR- Hands-down, the greatest ride ever created. On this ride you will be lifted off of the ground and are flying through all of the most beautiful nature scenes witnessing life from a birds-eye point of view. Flying above the ocean, through hot-air balloons, through mountains, above the Golden Gate bridge, this ride is guaranteed to have a couple-hour wait, so make sure you get your fast-pass as soon as your arrive in the park.
  5. Rock n’ Roll Rollercoaster (MGM)- If you like rollercoasters, you cannot miss this one! IMG_3867


  1. Carsland is AWESOME- Built in 2012 to resemble Radiator Springs from the movie Cars. IMG_3877
  2. Ghirardelli Ice Cream- Make sure you stop here for a quick afternoon pick-me-up for your sweet-tooth!IMG_3899
  3. Downtown Disney is right next to the land and California Adventure; and you can bounce between both parks without having to repay to enter!
  4. Fantasmic- The nighttime show that takes place over the water in Disneyland. This show takes place in Mickey’s dreams and is a loud and exciting way to end a long day in the park.IMG_3985
  5. Club 33- A private membership-only club in the New Orleans section of Disneyland. This hidden gem certainly intrigued me!


Both parks definitely have their unique perks and are both worth visiting should you have the chance. When visiting, some things you can guarantee to be the same in both places are the kind staff, over-inflated prices and dense crowds, so plan accordingly! IMG_4034


Peace. Love. Disney.



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