Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Gabrielle Della Pesca, Kappa Upsilon, The College of New Jersey
Gabrielle Della Pesca, Kappa Upsilon, The College of New Jersey

Like everyone in the whole entire world, my feelings about winter right now can be most accurately described as “Over it.” As such, I wanted to take you all on a little journey to better times when school was out and so was the sun. I present to you dear winter-logged readers, the Top 3 Della Pesca Family Vacations:

The Poor Man’s Disney World

Growing up in a big family, vacations were not only incredibly expensive, but also logistically complicated. Would we have to bring the baby’s crib? Which of the little kids could walk on their own? Who had a soccer tournament?… The list of considerations goes on. With these limitations at hand, we often found ourselves taking advantage of what I have coined as the “hand-me-down” vacation. Usually, these vacations came in the form of a family friend with a time-share or a beach house that they didn’t mind us borrowing. One such memorable vacation involved a scenic trip to (I swear to God this is 100% true) a llama farm in Vermont. That’s right, all 750 Della Pesca children piled into our forest green minivan and drove five and a half hours to Vermont to visit an actual llama farm. So while my friends and classmates frolicked around Disney World in princess costumes, I had the distinct pleasure of brushing a baby llama and learning all about the care and maintenance of llama wool!

Fun fact: baby llamas are incredibly soft! Try discovering that at Disney World ya spoiled brats!

Fratelli, l’italia!

Ok, so the llama farm was not the most glamorous vacation, but my family more than made up for it when my incredible grandfather took the whole Della Pesca crew on a week-long trip to the motherland! In that week, we managed to set off the alarms in the Uffizi Galleria (I touched an original DaVinci sketch by accident…woops!), break my grandpa’s nose on a glass door, almost dropped my grandma underneath a train while attempting to help her up the steps, almost drove a Fiat minivan off a cliff, and accidentally crashed our rental cars into each other. And that was only the stuff the Italian government is letting us reveal to the public!

Actual Della Pescas doing what we do best, paying more attention to food than to historical landmarks!
Actual Della Pescas doing what we do best, paying more attention to food than to historical landmarks!

The Little House That Could

Many of my most cherished memories involve our summers spent down on the Jersey shore. Every year, we would spend a glorious week or two borrowing the beach house owned by one of my best childhood friends and her lovely family (a classic example of the hand-me-down vacation). Year after year, the Della Pescas have enjoyed our little getaways at that house by the shore. But that poor, poor beach house was simply not built to withstand the full force of the Della Pesca family on vacation. One year, we did something so bad to the plumbing that the repair man yelled at my mom for 15 minutes straight. Another year, we infamously caused an electrical fire (allegedly due to the sheer energy generated by seven Italians crammed into a beach bungalow). I had been sitting on the beach with my dad and younger brother when he got the call that the house was on fire. To this day, I have never seen anyone run as fast as my dad ran the four blocks back to the beach house. I also now know from experience what it feels like to chase behind the world’s fastest man with no shoes on while carrying a sweaty toddler on your back. Oh, memories!

Worth it for this sight! Jersey Strong!
Worth it for this sight! Jersey Strong!

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