Talk Nerdy to Me

Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

Ever since Gabby Della Pesca started (affectionately) calling me a “nerd” at leadership consultant training last summer, I have really begun to embrace the title. It now all makes sense. Like why I asked for a label maker for Christmas one year, and why I get really excited reading people’s inspirational memoirs. No wonder I wanted to play “office” when I was young instead of playing with toys and made a binder with clip art, word art and laminated sheets describing the details of my “pretend life.”

While studying journalism in college, I learned to channel my nerdiness into something that could result in a career path. During my four years at the Cronkite School at ASU, I was one of many journalism geeks who would get excited about discovering a new editing tool in Adobe Premiere and squealed when I got access to rent out wireless microphones for school projects. My homework consisted of filming, editing and writing video packages. My studying consisted of digging up story ideas and researching people to interview.

gorillapodAs a leadership consultant, I pulled out the inner nerd in me to create a video for the Lambda Delta Chapter at the University of Houston. Last semester, I walked around every event like a tourist with my camera around my neck taking videos and pictures of the members. This semester, I have taken my nerd level up a notch because I got the coolest tripod ever for my iPhone. It’s called a GorillaPod, and the flexible/magnetic tripod means you can basically secure your phone to anything. The amazing video quality, slow motion and time lapse features on the iPhone 6 also make my eyes light up. I know, I know…nerd alert!

You can enjoy the Lambda Delta recruitment video below, but before you do, I offer one last piece of advice: embrace your inner nerd. Channel it into a hobby or interest and let your inner nerdiness shine. You may just hear Gabby Della Pesca’s voice in the background saying, “Nerd alert!” like I do.

In nerdy spirits,



4 thoughts on “Talk Nerdy to Me

  1. Don’t feel bad about being a nerd! I asked for a file cabinet as a Christmas present when I was eight so I could really play school. I even took all of my “fake students'” tests myself (varying them somewhat) and graded them. Embrace the nerdism!

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