Life Advice From an Imaginary Cat

Gabrielle Della Pesca, Kappa Upsilon, The College of New Jersey
Gabrielle Della Pesca, Kappa Upsilon, The College of New Jersey

Chesire cat quoteThe other day, as I was hiding in my apartment from the THREE FEET OF SNOW that buried the great city of Boston, I was feeling nostalgic and decided to watch one of my favorite cartoons from when I was little: Alice in Wonderland–a movie I hadn’t watched in YEARS. As a kid, the movie always held my interest with its equal parts of humor, fantasy, and unrealistically awesome tea parties. But watching it now as an adult, there was one part in particular that really caught my attention. Alice, finding herself lost and alone, meets the Cheshire Cat for the first time and begs him to tell her where she should go since she doesn’t know where she is supposed to end up. The Cheshire Cat responds saying, “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go!” …and then his head casually rolls off and he disappears, as one does.

This exchange clearly caught some other people’s attention as well because it has since spawned a million Pinterest craft projects, but as someone in the “figuring it out” stage of life, the sentiment really hits home. As young adults, we are under so much pressure to be making five-year plans, determining to have this certain job by age 25, and this certain number of kids by age 28. Even more stressful than creating these plans are the thoughts that you may have already made a misstep — What if I should have gotten that degree? Taken that job? Changed my major? For me, this quote is about embracing the unknown path ahead of you and understanding that a huge part of life is just choosing a direction and moving forward. Having goals and plans is great and absolutely worthwhile, but if you don’t have an endgame in mind, that doesn’t mean you are doing life wrong! So to all my fellow wanderers, enjoy the path you’re on because according to the Cheshire Cat, you’re on the right one!



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