In the pursuit of cupcakes

Taryn Mantta, Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines
Taryn Mantta, Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines

There are few things in life as good as cupcakes. The great part about cupcakes is that every cupcake is different. Whether the flavor is something new and exciting or just the fact that every single cupcake place makes their cupcake a tiny bit different, it’s like a new experience every time.

I judge a cupcake place by how they make their red velvet. Red velvet is not my absolute favorite cupcake but… if a place has a great red velvet, I firmly believe the rest of their cupcakes will be amazing.

Some rules for enjoying a cupcake:

1. There are three ways to eat a cupcake: with a fork, like a sandwich or with your hands (listed from least to most messy). My preferred method is with a fork, especially for filled cupcakes. Any method is acceptable.

Instructions for the Cupcake Sandwich Method
Instructions for the Cupcake Sandwich Method

2. “We do not share cupcakes.” This rule was first shared by my best friend and fellow cupcake lover. The reasoning is a cupcake is already a mini cake. If you are eating a cupcake, make the commitment to enjoy a certain flavor, even though sometimes being forced to make a flavor decision is hard.

3. A cupcake is an acceptable meal. There are hard days in life, and those hard days are better if you have a cupcake for dinner.

4. Send pictures of your cupcake to your friends! Share some cupcake love around.

Salted Caramel Chocolate
Salted Caramel Chocolate

5. Lastly, in the words of Mrs. Frizzle (the Magic School Bus is on Netflix :D), “take chances, make mistakes, get messy.” Try a new flavor, even if you’re not sure if it’s going to be as good as your regular flavor.

Can’t wait for the next time I get to dive (with mouth wide open) into a cupcake.


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