It’s Beginning to Look ‘Almost’ Like Christmas

Madison Weissinger, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Madison Weissinger, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

Well friends, I love Christmas and I don’t care who knows it! It is by far the happiest, prettiest and coldest time of the year. I could do without the cold but you take what you can get. I truly believe that Christmas starts the day after Halloween. You may be thinking that is crazy, Thanksgiving has not even hit us yet…well if I could the tree would already be up first thing the day after Halloween.

Since I have started Christmas a little earlier than most, I am doing some trial and error on DIY gifts. Check out below the ones I have fallen in love with:

One of my favorite yet simple gifts for friends or children in the family. Just get plastic bags with Swiss Miss Cocoa, mini marshmallows and have yourself some fun making reindeer!
I have made these for many occasions because they are so FUN to make. Just draw whatever Christmas theme you want…tree, lights, snowman, the list goes on with permanent markers. Then place your ceramic cup, bowl or plate (dollar store purchases work great) in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees!
52 reasons why I love you deck of cards. These are just a small way to show your love for someone. Great for a significant other, best friend, parents or sibling! Just get a deck of cards and your favorite paper to write your reasons on them glue them to the deck! EASY!
Just get a large cut out letter from any craft store (get the app on your smartphone for coupons) modge podge, and black and white photos to put on the letter. First paint the letter a background color, then modge podge the back of the photos onto the large letter then modge podge over the photos to give it a gloss finish and to seal the paper down!
I am a BIG Frozen fan so this is something I will be making this holiday season once I arrive back in Arizona to spend the holidays with family. There are some people who are worth melting for.

Until Next Time,

Madison xo



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