Why the Hot Dog is the Most Underrated Food Ever

Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College
Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College

So if you’ve spent longer than 52 seconds around me, chances are I have talked about my one true love. The glorious, indescribable, and magical hot dog. I personally believe that hot dogs don’t get enough credit for how great they are! So I have compiled a list of why I think this delectable processed meat is the most underrated food ever.

1) You know what you’re getting when you order a hot dog. There is pretty much no way someone can screw it up. Order a hot dog with high expectations and chances are they will be met.

2) You can put ANYTHING on a hot dog. Chili, bacon, pickles, blue cheese, mac and cheese, and basically anything else you enjoy! My little brother has created the ultimate combination: hot dog, crushed up potato chips, bacon and the always fantastic Heinz ketchup.

3) They are cheap… need I say more?

4) You can eat them on the go! You don’t need silverware or a plate. This completely eliminates most clean up, which is perfect for everyone involved.

5) A close friend of mine once said, “The bun is the vessel that carries the hot dog from your mouth to your heart.” Truer words have never been spoken.

6) You can cook them so many different ways! You can grill them, boil them or microwave them. And coming from someone who can’t cook, I would like to thank the creator of the hot dog for making it so easy.

7) They taste SO. DANG. GOOD.

8) They are an American tradition.

9)  Self-Explanatory.


Hopefully this blog has given you a new outlook on the hot dog that I love and adore. So next time, pick the hot dog over the hamburger – you won’t regret it.


Keep it Real,



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