Purrrfect Halloween Costumes

Julia Lapham, Kappa Xi, University of Nevada, Reno
Julia Lapham, Kappa Xi, University of Nevada, Reno

Happy hump day, y’all! As per usual, my post for today is all about cats and the wonderful role that they can play in Halloween. With this spooky holiday quickly approaching, I thought, why not provide some excellent costume ideas for all creatures of small stature? These cuddly kitties will showcase a variety of different styles and humors that can be used for some classic costumes on almost all pets. For your enjoyment, I’ve even attached a picture of a puppy, Riley, that I had the opportunity to meet while at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

For all you fast food lovers:


Spicy kitty:


Not all cats hate the ocean:


A new twist on the “Wizard of Oz”:


Just looking for his kitten princess:


Bee happy:


Dr. Seuss’ inspiration:


Lastly, Riley shark:


I hope that I’ve gotten you into the Halloween spirit, whether that means you’re now going to your local PetSmart to buy a costume or even getting crafty enough to make one yourself! Enjoy the holiday, eat some candy, and take advantage of this prime opportunity to dress up your beloved pets in ridiculous outfits!

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