I’m an Officer… what do I do?

Taryn Mantta, Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines
Taryn Mantta, Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines

Every time I blink it seems that a huge amount of the semester has magically flown by. As the semester progresses, your chapter officers also get closer and closer to transitioning out of the positions they have held for the year.

Here are my tips and tricks to making the end of the semester run as smoothly as possible.

1. Current officers- Do your best to finish out the year as excited as you started it!

Remember that rush you felt when you realized that an aspect of the chapter now depended on you? It may feel like a distant memory as you are exhausted from putting your all into your position for the past 10 months, but it happened. The adrenaline spike during elections when you didn’t know if you would get that position that you had been hoping for. As you struggle to finish out your office, remember why you wanted to hold an office and put your all into the position for the next month and a half.

2. Potential New Officers- Ask about the positions you want!

The best way to learn about the positions in your chapter is to ask. Talk to the woman who currently holds the position and she can give you some great information about the time commitment, the responsibilities and the things she wished she had known going into it. After talking to this woman, you may either have new ideas for things you could bring to that position or you may realize that this position is not the right one for you (which is totally fine).

3. Current Officers- Compile information that the next officer will need to know.

A good transition is key to the continued success of your chapter. Get rid of that binder full of papers that you’ve actually never looked at because they’re from 1953, and start a USB drive or a binder with RELEVANT information. Put together a timeline for your position, a random things to know sheet and ensure that the next person that holds your position knows so much that they can start their position right where you left off.

4. New Officers- Use your resources!

After your transition with the past officer, you still probably don’t know everything about your position and that is okay. Check out your specific officer section on the Live Sigma Kappa website. You can find your handbook, any paperwork that you would need to fill out and more in depth information about your new responsibilities. Another great resource is your advisors. Reach out to your advisor early and get to know her, she can’t help you with your position if you never reach out to her.

5. Everyone- Have fun! Enjoy your positions while they last because a year goes by pretty fast.

Bonus tip: Don’t go crazy during elections, take a deep breath and remind yourself that Sigma Kappa is about sisterhood. Keep a level head, be respectful and remember that it is the chapter’s responsibility to elect the best woman for the job!

Keep working hard and the semester will be over before you know it.


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