5 Life Hacks I’ve Learned Living Out of a Suitcase

Julia Lapham, Kappa Xi, University of Nevada, Reno
Julia Lapham, Kappa Xi, University of Nevada, Reno

1. T-shirt:

If any of y’all are like me, my clothes seem to not only attract those awful white deodorant stains, but also spread them to parts of my clothes that get nowhere near my armpits! Well, if you understand the hassle of trying to quickly remove any evidence of this white catastrophe, fear no more! The life hack for this common problem is to simply use any article of clothing that is the same fabric, wipe it on the stain, and voila! It’s gone.

2. Dryer sheets:

Being from Nevada and all, we don’t generally have a huge problem with humidity. This being said, static seems to get on anything and everything. So, to prevent this from causing dresses and skirts to stick to your legs or even stray pieces of hair from making you look like a porcupine, be sure to carry some extra dryer sheets around in your bag. If you simply take a fresh sheet and rub it on whatever surface is causing the static, it will quickly disappear.

3. Deodorant:

Hot summer weather, shorts, dresses and skirts; these factors can all easily add to painful chafing to happen on the insides of your thighs (if this has never happened to you, consider yourself lucky!). To prevent this summertime fiasco, use clear, solid deodorant, rub it on the affected area, and your legs should no longer rub together!

4. Coffee Filter:

With recruitment comes sardine packed rooms and lots of body heat. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation in which you had a little extra oil on your face and no oil wipes in hand, I may have a solution for you! A quick home ready to get rid of facial shine is…wait for it…coffee filters! This cheap and quick fix will work just as well as oil wipes. Just dab a fresh coffee filter where you need it most, and watch the shine disappear.

5. Flat iron:

One of my biggest pet peeves about living out of my suitcase for months at a time is the wrinkled effect that a majority of my clothes seem to constantly have. Besides constantly carrying wrinkle release spray (which is also a great alternative!), I’ve learned to use an object which I never travel without: my flat iron. Although it may not be good to use for large surfaces, a flat iron is perfect for getting out any kinks that you may have in your shorts, blazers, and even most blouses.

I hope that some of these tips that I’ve learned while traveling on the road come in handy in any of your future travel (or non-travel) endeavors!


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