Call me Goldie Locks: The Search for the Perfect Bag

Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

Growing up, I have vivid memories of my dad spending hours researching anything before making a purchase. At the time I used to make fun of him because he would need to know all the details and all the options before he committed to anything, but now I’ve realized that his habits are subconsciously instilled in me.

After several rounds of traveling this summer–Indianapolis three times for training and Las Vegas for Convention–I realized that my go-to carry on bags were not cutting it. One trip I took the Long Champ, a classic tote. It looks chic, but it was too flimsy with no structure or pockets. Then I took my Kate Spade satchel. It was too small and too full with things. Finally, I took a long and wide tote. This one didn’t zip and was too open to stick an extra pair of PJs, for example, in case of lost bags.

While I may just sound picky, I more so am trying to explain the thought process behind my search and checklist of what needed to be included in an ideal LC bag.

LCbagsI put my researching skills to the test, just like my Dad has done for all these years, and found the perfect bag. Let me introduce the Lo & Sons OG bag. I have read about these bags for years on some of my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs (Gal Meets Glam, Glitter Guide, Cup of Jo) but never thought it was necessary to invest. After looking up some other options for a carry-on/LC bag online, I realized that paying for a quality bag now would make this a travel companion for life. With a discount code I found and a graduation gift card (thanks, fam!) I made the splurge.

Here’s what I love about my black OG bag. First of all, the structure is fabulous. I trust that when I set it down, even when it’s 100% full, it will not tip over allowing all my precious belongings to fall out. In every Lo & Sons bag, there is a pocket or zipper for everything: laptop, folders, chargers, keys, pens, business cards, travel deodorant (necessary here in Houston) and “I ❤ Sigma Kappa” buttons for students. It is also waterproof (you never know when a spontaneous rain shower will hit with this tropical weather) and the handles are made of leather (reinforcing this lifelong relationship I invested in.)

Just like Goldie Locks finally found her perfect porridge, I too have scored with the perfect LC bag. I was not sponsored by Lo & Sons for this post, just love sharing the behind-the-scenes to a great purchase. If you’re looking for your next travel or work investment, I highly recommend the OG (or OMG for a medium size). Until then, happy researching!


Goldie Locks, aka Gabriela


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