Get to Know the Team: Signature Hand Moves

Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University
Gabriela Rodiles, Theta Omicron, Arizona State University

After being around a group of women for over a month during the summer, you start to learn their every mannerism. One of the things we picked up on from each of the consultants was hand motions used during conversation. To give you a little more insight on each of the team members, I am going to decode their signature hand moves.

The Kira: Kira emphasizes every sentence with a wrist flick that makes her fabulous bangles and arm candy collection jingle. It sometimes makes me nervous that she is hurting her wrist, but she carries on every time.

Danielle, me and Bianca were caught doing Jazz Hands.

The Danielle: Danielle is known for her school spirit, but I’d argue she has more spirit with her hand motions. Danielle goes full out with her hands here, there and everywhere.

The Julia: Julia is so serene, and her hand movements are the same–gentle and calming. When you need some zen in your life, Jules is your go-to woman.

The Maddie: Madison W. (or as we call her, Maddie) is known for “the swirl” as I like to call it…both hands swirling in the air with fingers extended. Don’t be afraid to keep them there for the whole conversation.

The Lauren: Lauren’s hands operate in full force. Whether she is using a complete range of motion pointing here or there or doing a subtle version of spirit fingers, Lauren’s energy can’t be missed.

The GDP: Gabby Della Pesca, or GDP as we call her, is very intentional in her hand movements. Precise, polished and strategic, just like her!

The Taryn: Taryn means business when she talks, and her hand movements accentuate the end of important sentences. When her fist punches into the palm of her other hand, she makes her impressive collection of Alex and Ani bracelets ring.

The Brianna: Watches are Brianna’s thing (of course, after her Beats by Dre), so it makes sense that she uses her left hand in a scooping motion to both talk and display her timepiece.

The Cozy: While this may not be Cozy’s signature move, she does a fabulous impression of women who talk while playing with their hair. She turns on her high-pitch voice, and gently strokes her hair, impersonating the cliche girly girl.

The Madison: Madison Clark has some fabulous Southern sass, so when she is talking, she uses her hands to tell it like it is.

The Bianca: When Bianca is excited, her energy is contagious. She does the most adorable high-pitched “Yeeee!” sound and rubs her hands together when she has an “Ah-ha” moment.

As for my signature hand moves, you’ll have to ask the rest of the LC team! What would you describe as your signature?

Happy Wednesday!



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