Jaynie Levinson
Jaynie Levinson

Nearing my 65th flight this year and I only have one blog left after this one, so I should start my thank yous now…

I feel like the luckiest woman at age 23. I have met so many cool, interesting and intelligent women. I gained more knowledge from each and every one of you than potentially my four years of college combined… (well. maybe I’m slightly exaggerating) BUT REALLY.

I have done a lot myself…

  • Traveled to 20 states prior to this job…$500+ in gas, family bonding and $30 headphones to keep my sanity in a packed car
  • Swam with sharks: $200 of straight fear
  • Traveled to seven different countries…I don’t even want to add the price
  • Walked 600 steps of Notre Dome….sweat through my clothes, $10 emergency perfume, but burned off the calories of Nutella Crepe!
  • Met celebrities: 30 seconds of feeling good until the $12 in DayQuil after not washing that hand and getting sick. (JK)
  • Made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower…waiting two hours only to throw what I know up there!
  • The Past 300 days as an LC….ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. (Maybe I should look into a career with MasterCard?)

Here is a peek into the fantastic sisters we are lucky to share who have done WAY MORE EXCITING THINGS THAN ME:

  • I have met women who are related to celebrities
  • women who are college women by day and Disney princesses at Disneyland by night
  • A few of you got a SHOUT OUT FROM JT at his concert!
  • I have met sports all-stars
  • Some of you have gone skydiving…we have brave sisters.
  • I have met women who have been through the toughest times, but are happy and healthy thanks to the support of Sigma Kappa sisters
  • You all know at least one person in your chapter who swam with dolphins
  • Some of you have walked parts of the Great Wall of China
  • A few of you save endangered species as your major…
  • I have met women who have traveled to over 20 countries….that puts my seven to shame!
  • Some of you are smarter than my brain would ever be capable of; you are in the honors program and are achieving 4.0 GPAs.
  • Women who have gone to watch the Olympics firsthand
  • Some of you are applying for Teach For America and the Peace Corps.
  • A woman created a brand of cookies for those who were on a gluten-free diet. GO YOU. And I see that brand in the grocery stores!!
  • At least five of you have run marathons
  • Some of you achieved Greek Woman of the Year
  • Some of you are recognized by the dean of your university

I am so excited to turn on the TV five years from now to see at least one of you out there changing the world! Thank you all for personally making me smarter, a more well-rounded human being, and PROUD TO BE YOUR SISTER.



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