The Business of Bracketology

Hannah Villa
Hannah Villa

Anyone who knows me knows what an absolute Jayhawk fanatic I am. Graduating from [the best university in the world] KU, it is easy to see why college basketball has such a special place in my heart. And finally my friends, March has arrived, and the most wonderful time of the year is upon us again.

Making a bracket is both stressful and exciting, bold and sometimes dramatic, thoughtful and always unpredictable. A good bracket can win you bragging rights and a whole lot of money. A bad bracket can send you into exile from your rival and ruin a bet with a joking friend. I love brackets. And putting together my bracket is always a riveting event.

The other day, I was catching up on my favorite wedding blog and I came across this absolutely adorable Mason-Dixon Madness Bracket. Combining two things I love most – March Madness and sinfully sweet Southern sweet tea culture. Click here for a chance to cast your ballot in The Round of 32

After you cast your vote in The Round of 32, head on over to Bracketology to place your bets. Y’all know who my money will be on.

Happy bracketing!


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