Map of March

Amy Gallagher
Amy Gallagher

Hello, friends!

Welcome to late March! Can you believe it? Where has this year/semester gone?! Spring is finally here –  in season if nothing else – and not one second too soon. Let me map out a little of what this month has brought my way so far…

During the first week of March, Northeastern University was on spring break. So, I went down south to visit the Kappa Tau chapter at the University of West Georgia. On my way there, I was lucky enough to meet up with Kandy Crump Westbrook, colony and new chapter coordinator, for a delicious lunch and drive around Atlanta. As someone who I talk with weekly on the phone, it was awesome to reconnect face-to-face. Soon upon arriving on campus, I joined some of the chapter women at the community-hosted ritual speaker in honor of International Badge Day. Mari Ann Callais, past national president of Theta Phi Alpha and CampuSpeak representative, conducted an inspirational and engaging keynote regarding living your ritual day to day and for a lifetime.  It was great to see the community inspired about ritual.

On my way back north, I stopped for a weekend in Richmond to enjoy some personal time. I was greeted with warm weather and sunshine. It was fun exploring the city, eating some Girl Scout cookies, enjoying brunch, and catching up with some friends in the area.

Back up in Boston, the Kappa Omega chapter is coming off of spring break and rallying for the end of the semester. In the upcoming weeks, they will be registering for their first convention, participating in their first Greek Week, hearing a community discussion about another possible extension, preparing for a formal event, and partaking in the campus Relay for Life (of which they currently are the third highest donor for and trying to get back to second!) It’s a big time as they are also coming up on the one year anniversary of the installation of the chapter.

So as the equinox has passed and the light now outshines the dark in the day, I hope you are all gearing up for the end of the semester. As spring is springing, don’t forget to stop and smell those first blooming flowers!

Until next time,
– A


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