How I Came to Be This Way: My Life in Cell Phones

Gabby Della Pesca
Gabby Della Pesca

Hello, blog friends!

I don’t know about you, but lately this cold weather up north has put me in a reflective mood. There is just something about exposing your brain to subzero temperatures that really fires up my inner philosopher.

So today, I would like to start the first entry of an introspective series I call, “How I Came to Be This Way.” This first entry will focus on my life story as measured by all the different cell phones I have owned. So without further ado, “My Life in Cell Phones.”

First there was this bad boy—a Christmas gift from my parents during my freshman year of high school. In a world full of friends who were on their third or fourth sparkly pink Razor phone, this phone was the ultimate non-status symbol. But for me, it was the dawn of a new era. All throughout middle school, I had been known as “The Girl Without a Cell Phone.” When I received my first cell phone in high school, I felt that I had finally made it. It was a mark of honor and a victory over my strict parents (I literally made a poster board presentation to convince them about the merits of having a cell phone.) I spent four long and wonderful years with my LG phone. Through the stress of SATs, the Blackberry craze, moving away to college, and the birth of the iPhone, this little buddy was by my side. And then one day during my freshman year of college, my beloved phone and I were tragically parted after an evil, black-hearted thief stole it from the school cafeteria. RIP LG flip phone, you are gone but never forgotten!


After my period of mourning was over, I knew it was finally time to move on. And so the beautifully sleek, sophisticated (and free) Motorola came into my life (where’s that sarcasm font when you need it!). What it lacked in beauty, the Motorola more than made up for in indestructability. This was the phone that could not be broken! In many ways, the Motorola was a great companion for my early college years. It was practical and no nonsense, like me. However, I couldn’t help but feel left behind as my friends moved on to smartphones while I was still figuring out T9-Word… soon it would be time for an upgrade.


Enter the Pantech Link (a.k.a. the Knock-Off Blackberry, a.k.a. the Raspberry.) I have always considered myself a successfully frugal person, but in this case, my unwillingness to splurge on a smartphone would haunt me for the rest of my college days. You see, the Raspberry is the most ridiculous phone ever created, and the two years I spent with this phone became the technological dark age of my life. For example: every time a friend sent me a text message with an emoticon, the Raspberry converted it into a clip art image of a dog wearing sunglasses…  There was also an inexplicable .com button right next to the period key. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally hit that .com key and found myself in situations like this:


And so I suffered through my ownership of the Raspberry until the glorious day when my prison sentence contract expired. I decided then to enter the modern era and purchase my first smartphone. Though the price tag ate at my soul, I finally felt connected to the rest of the world—goodbye T9 Word, hello non-dog related emoticons! Today, my iPhone and I are traveling the country, visiting chapters, and bonding with my OTHER LC iPhones and talking to Beyonce!

Life is!

Until next time,



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