Winter with the Della Pesca Family: A Saga in Pictures

Gabby Della Pesca
Gabby Della Pesca

When I went off the road for the holidays, I knew I was in for some crazy times with the Della Pescas. Here are a few of the highlights from my winter break!

First, I landed in New Jersey and the Goddess of the Garden State was so happy to see me she painted a rainbow across the horizon!01b44f311d5bfc099a37a4211e296b3a292c6853edSoon, it was Thanksgiving! At dinner, my mother shared that she was incredibly grateful for her three beautiful children. (Note: She has five children… I wonder if I made the cut.)0189e411560df11321862eece7c3cbb0315a5e3b5eWhile we ate, all these babies played with the latest fad in children’s toys—ice buckets and seltzer!010939ce542d7451d46abdfc944792328b57437a96

And these babies contemplated the meaning of life and whether God is real:0176e42f9df507e0aa509833dc47171d7bf590589cThe day after Thanksgiving, the whole gang went Christmas tree chopping, as is our annual tradition. Can you guess which of these trees came home with us? Good, because I can’t.
011b36b0c8c6780b8ab7637fda01427873d7c3d332While we were in the Christmas tree spirit, my cousin, my sister and I decided to go see the Rockefeller tree lighting in New York City… which we watched through the window of a department store because we were being crushed by the huddled masses of humanity … WORTH IT! (It wasn’t worth it.)01d630793eca4f6de64410269bebd7881d103d2512Then, my family welcomed one million Italian foreign exchange students into our home (a.k.a. we shoved them in the basement) for a mock Thanksgiving dinner!01c3d60369ecf9dc4a45c3366dd2bb5739e87c57d8Somebody’s mom channeled their inner Cake Boss to make these beautiful masterpieces that represented the deep bond and connection between us and the Italians!013e7cbf097bc4b249c8dcc60dfd20ab14a41f52e9Then it snowed! And 10 million other girls and I took artsy pictures of it on Instagram!01ad083a0530122c99aa1132834b386cc3047e267aWhile we were snowed in, we entertained ourselves by using my little brother’s head to make machine gun sound effects like normal people.

And that was my winter break in a nutshell! No wonder Beyonce wants to be my friend so badly!

Until next time,



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