Four Reasons we Love “Ten ways to” Lists

Erica Lagos
Erica Lagos

Recently, I have been noticing that my social media accounts have been filled with various links to articles about “The Top Five Reasons…” or “Ten ways to…” and I have come to realize that our generation is obsessed with lists. I will tell you that I am guilty of almost always reading all of these because I absolutely love a good list, but I have been wondering what is the buzz behind our love for lists?

Many of you may follow blogs such as HerCampus, EliteDaily or Buzzfeed. If you don’t, I will give you a little bit of background about a couple. HerCampus is a blog written by college students on different campuses where they have chapters. Example: I went to Central Michigan University so they would be under the CMich chapter of HerCampus, and you can look up your college or university, too! They write about things they would consider relevant to 20-somethings at various campuses, covering everything from what fashions are in season to how to survive finals week. EliteDaily is another blog naming itself The Voice of Gen-Y. Whether you follow these blogs or any of the other popular ones that are popping up all over the place, I’m sure you have seen the plethora of lists that have been floating around lately.

I can tell you that I’m more likely to read a list of the “Five ways to” for something than I am to sit and read an article…that’s the truth. It’s easier, the information that I want is right there, and if I’m interested in the main content, then I will read the explanation to follow. So I thought to myself, I’ve figured it out, people like lists because they are easier, but there has to be more to it than that. This wouldn;t be such a craze right now if that were the only reason.

Naturally, I asked my friends what their reasoning for reading these types of articles is and they told me the following:

Reason 1: “They make me laugh.”

Reason 2: “I just love lists.”

Reason 3: “They make me feel better about myself…some of them are just crazy.”

Reason 4: “The ones with pictures are great when I’m procrastinating!”

Everyone reads these types of articles for different reasons, and I’m sure many can say they just read them because they pop up on a social media feed that they have. (I’m definitely guilty of that!)

So whether you are reading these lists because you are taking a study break or simply because you need a good laugh, just know you’re not alone!

And in case you do need a study break or just want to check these out, here are a few of my favorite lists I’ve stumbled on recently!

Xo. Erica


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