Oh The Places You’ll Go

Autumn Breeden
Autumn Breeden

I always knew that leadership consultants got to do cool things and see the world, but I can’t even begin to describe how true that is. Over the last semester, I’ve had the opportunity to do SO MANY cool things! So here is my list of my 10 favorite memories and lessons for the semester!

10. Inheriting the Earth!

On my latest trip to visit Theta Epsilon (UC Riverside), I had the chance to participate in a Botanical Gardens Clean Up with the chapter. Since our group was so large and was a surprise to the master gardeners, we were assigned the Tropical Orchard! This is a section of the botanical gardens that isn’t open to the public, but Theta Epsilon and I got to go inside the barbed wire fence (yes, it was that serious) and help pick up fallen fruit and weeds. We also had the freedom to pick fruit from the trees to take home with us! As you can see in the picture below, I was determined to get the perfect pomegranate!

9. Getting to catch up with old friends!

I was so excited for the opportunity to meet up with Jaynie, another Sigma Kappa leadership consultant, while we were both visiting chapters in California. Jaynie has also spent the majority of her fall semester visiting chapters in District 7. While Jaynie was visiting Cal State Fullerton (Epsilon Tau Chapter), I was visiting UC Riverside (Theta Epsilon Chapter). A very friendly Theta Epsilon named Armida volunteered to drive me to Fullerton one night of my visit. Below, you can see a picture of Armida and me outside the beautiful Sigma Kappa house!!

8. Checking more states off my list!

When I started this job, my travels were mainly confined to the East Coast, but that is not true anymore! Thank you Beta Omega (University of Nebraska Omaha) for taking me to stand in two new states at one time!! The picture below shows the states I’ve been to, with the dark purple being states that I visited for the first time since I started my leadership consultant journey.

7. Bid Days!

Who doesn’t love getting new members?! I had the opportunity to attend bid day celebrations with both Theta Omicron (Arizona State University) and Theta Epsilon (UC Riverside)!

6. Recruitment!

Some of you are probably shaking your head and saying I’m crazy now, but it’s true! I love getting to be the cheerleader during recruitment! I had the opportunity to visit Beta Omega (University of Nebraska Omaha), Theta Epsilon (UC Riverside) and Theta Omicron (Arizona State University) for recruitment this past semester!

5. Serving our community!

Just recently, Katie Couric challenged five cities to collect canned food for the holiday season. Phoenix was one of the five cities chosen! So Katie sent a special correspondent to rally the troops and collect cans for the St. Mary’s Food Bank, which is the oldest food bank in the world! The fraternity/sorority community at ASU was challenged to collect cans, and Theta Omicron (Arizona State University) did just that! In just under 24 hours, the women of Theta Omicron donated over 900 cans for this cause. They were second place in all of Greek life behind Sigma Phi Epsilon who brought in over 2,000 cans!!! Their huge donation earned them a spot on the Katie show! The show aired Nov. 18, but it still can also be viewed online! Go watch the show and look for the chapter and myself in our Sigma Kappa swag!

4. Learning about myself along the way

Coming into this job, I thought my relationship-building skills were lacking. I was worried that there was no way I’d be able to quickly make connections with the women I met. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I am better at making friends than I thought! This job has also reinforced my organization and perfection obsession. I get an unbelievable amount of satisfaction from checking things off my to-do list and from filing the emails in my inbox.

3. Exploring the West Coast!

During my first trip to California, the women of Theta Epsilon (UC Riverside) took me to Santa Monica so I could see the pier and touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time!! It was such an amazing opportunity, and it was absolutely gorgeous!!

I also had the opportunity to take some personal time to visit Las Vegas, Nev. for the first time! It was unreal how big and fancy it is! My favorite hotel was the Cosmopolitan. I even had the chance to ride on the gondolas at the Venetian! On the way to Las Vegas, I was also able to visit the Hoover Dam! It really is HUGE!

As most of you know from my previous blogs, I am a huge college football fan! So living at another huge school with lots of school spirit and athletics support has been amazing! I had the opportunity to go to an Arizona State Sundevils football game when they played the University of Southern California! Now I have two college football teams to root for!

2. Meeting new friends!

This job has allowed me to meet women and make connections with women all across the country. These are amazing women who will make a difference in not only their schools and Sigma Kappa, but in the world.

1. Making a Difference

While the results may not have come to fruition yet, I often remind myself that I am making a difference. I like to hope that being there for the collegiate women and guiding them and their chapter is making a difference in their lives and the organization. Sometimes it is hard to look at the big picture, but when I take a step back, it is definitely one of the most rewarding things about this job.

This semester has been an amazing one, and I can’t wait for the amazing things that the spring will bring. Some things I hope to do while I’m on the West Coast again are to see UCLA and USC, to explore Los Angeles, to make it up to San Francisco, see the Grand Canyon, go to Disneyland, and to continue to make amazing memories with Sigma Kappas around the country! (Looks like spring will be busy!)

xoxo, A


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