Stop and Smell the Roses

Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hello, friends!

During training this summer, my teammate Erica introduced me to, and since then I have loved reading up on the wide variety of things people post about. I really enjoyed this one in particular titled “18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For Again,” by Brianna West. Feel free to browse here:

Okay, so this post isn’t exactly about smelling roses. But in today’s society, it is easy to forget that there was a time when technology did not exist and people did not feel the need to constantly keep busy. As leadership consultants, we rely heavily on technology to help us with the work we do. I know personally, if I am not doing something, I feel like I’m slacking… and that’s never a good feeling for me. However, this blog reminds you that there are many simple things in life that are worthwhile in many ways.

Number one on the list is writing things by hand and is something that I can definitely relate to. I love sending handwritten cards and notes to my teammates, family, friends and collegians I meet on the road. Writing things by hand can be very personal and gives you the opportunity to think deeper about what you are saying than you would in a simple text message or email. I also love writing my schedules in my planner and being able to physically check things off of my to-do list. Believe me, it can be extremely gratifying.

A few other things mentioned include appreciating having time to do nothing, cooking just to cook, and reading hard copy books. These three things are ones that I have learned to appreciate as a LC and especially as a residential consultant this year. It’s okay to take time out of each day for yourself, to take time to cook, and to take time to read something you enjoy. It has taken some time to get used to the idea of doing such things, but I have learned that many times these things can keep me grounded and are often a highlight of my day.

When it comes down to it, don’t forget to do things for yourself in such a fast-paced world. What are some things that you find enjoyable?




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