When all Else Fails…Take a Nap!

Erica Lagos
Erica Lagos

I will be the first person to tell you that a good nap is one of my favorite things! In college, I prided myself on finding the perfect napping time that would provide me with a feeling of renewal and not the grogginess that I would often experience when I napped for too long. Never would I have considered myself much of a morning person, but I also wouldn’t call myself a night owl either. Simply put, I just loved sleep.

Once I graduated, I moved into a new world where napping wasn’t always an option. For a while, I felt like I was hit by a train around 3 p.m. and wondered how real people made it through work days. I was longing for the carefree lifestyle I had taken advantage of for the four years prior.

When I started traveling, again, napping was not exactly in the daily agenda for me…unless I was taking a flight. Yes, I am that person on the plane who falls asleep before the plane even takes off. I will do the head nod when dozing off and try my best to convince myself that the person next to me didn’t notice me when I wake myself up.

One thing that I have come to realize while my napping lifestyle has taken the backburner is that when you wake up early and stay up all day…you can get a lot done and there really is no need to stay up super late! When I don’t have to stay up super late finishing something that I could have done during my nap I then feel more well rested in the morning and voila, I don’t feel the need to nap…it truly is a beautiful cycle.

So as you’re getting into the tough part of your semester and sleep may be scarce, just remember that if you use your time wisely during the day, you will be rewarded with a full night’s sleep! If it is necessary that you take a nap…or you just love them like I do, try not to nap for too long! No one likes to wake up feeling disoriented and useless; take a short nap and go tackle the rest of your day!


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