The 10 Most Wonderful Moments from Kappa Psi Chapter’s Big/Little Reveal!

Gabby Della Pesca
Gabby Della Pesca
  1. When all the Bigs made little houses out of cardboard that perfectly reflected their personalities:IMG_0154
  2. When they perfectly incorporated their Wizard of Oz theme by creating a mini neighborhood along a yellow-brick road.IMG_0158
  3. When no one cared that it was 35 degrees outside because SOCKS and EXCITEMENT!IMG_0162
  4. All these socks!! (The Littles had a matching pair which they used to find their Big!)IMG_0152
  5. This excited Big’s face:IMG_0167
  6. This impressive use of scrapbook paper:IMG_0155
  7. When the Littles came rushing out to find their Big!IMG_0187
  8. When they found their Bigs and were so happy that my camera couldn’t handle it!:IMG_0182
  9. When all the families took inventory of their newest members and perfected the stand, squat, deep squat pose:IMG_0208
  10. When everyone realized there really is no place like home (and then ran inside to celebrate because IT WAS SO COLD!):IMG_0165

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