The Perks of Getting Older

Jaynie Levinson
Jaynie Levinson

College football season in in full swing, fall is here, and that means it is time for Homecoming (or for alumnae, coming home).

I spent a few of my personal days traveling back to my chapter of initiation, Beta Upsilon at Ohio University. Since I have spent the majority of my travels living on the West Coast, it is much different than the elements of the Midwest season I was so accustomed to in years past. Ladies, news flash, palm trees don’t change colors in the fall. It was a beautiful sight to see those fall colors that I love so much!

As I reminisced about my collegiate experience on the plane ride and the last moment I spent with my Beta Upsilon sisters, tears were pouring  down my cheeks. I had to leave my sisters as we all dispersed to separate parts of the country to hopefully find our niche.

As I arrived on campus, I was walking across the brick streets as a completely different and positively changed woman. My sisters are all in different stages in life: some have full-time jobs, some are studying for the GRE, and some are continuing the frenetic job search.

After not seeing my sisters since the early summer months, the one piece I knew we all had in common was the element that we were now walking back into our sorority house as proud ALUMNAE.

This weekend helped me to fully understand the real meaning of lifelong membership and dedication to Sigma Kappa; besides the fact that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work for Sigma Kappa on a national level.

One of the best moments of being an alumna was sharing funny stories beginning from the day we received our bid cards on Bid Day to the day we proudly stood next to each other during Order of the Triangle. We walked through the house to see what we contributed and realized how much this amazing organization had morphed us into the women we are today. Your collegiate experience was only a few years long, what do you think the organization can do for the rest of our lives?

The thought that I am an alumna is still quite outlandish to me. I wish I would have known the power of being an alumna and returning to the place I called home before I arrived. I am now excited to pass this experience on to all of you, because now as I am an alumna, my role has changed within my lifelong commitment to Sigma Kappa. As alumnae, our role is to support: we have been through our collegiate years, we can provide that guidance and check in to see what we, as alumnae, can do to help during busy moments of being a sorority woman.

Until then, there are ways that we can remember and honor the women that have made small or large contributions to make your chapter experience the way it is today. Did that alumna create a sisterhood tradition 10 years ago that will never dwindle away? Or did your great-grandbig create the ultimate scholarship plan that made Sigma Kappa the smartest women on campus? I encourage each and every one of you to reach out to your alumnae, especially during homecoming season, because hopefully all of you will have the same opportunity as myself to walk back into your chapter one day and see that you made a difference 🙂


Proud (Older) Dove


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