Won’t You be my Mentor?

Hannah Villa
Hannah Villa

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about mentoring. Not only about my own mentors, but also how I serve as a mentor. The fall time for me, as previously mentioned, is a time of much reflection and self-evaluation, and within the past weeks I have begun to study myself in how I serve as a mentor. To me, a mentor is so much more than a professional reference or professional coach. A mentor, in my eyes, changes the course of your life and helps mold you into the person that you were born to be.

In my experience, finding a mentor is fun, however incredibly nerve-wracking, and is almost like recruitment – a mutually selective process. I always find myself wanting to 1) impress the person that I would like to be my mentor and 2) find the perfect, and least awkward way, to ask this person to mentor me. Has anyone else been in my shoes before?

Just as I had been thinking so fervently about my own mentor/mentee relationships, an email popped into my inbox in such perfect and timely fashion. As she does weekly, Jordan Bentlage thoughtfully emails staff when she comes across articles about leadership and such. The following article I think sums up so perfectly not only how to be a mentor, but more importantly, how to ask for one.


Happy reading! xoxo


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