Mid-Semester Blues

Autumn Breeden
Autumn Breeden

So while we’re not all students in the middle of our semesters, we are all in the middle of the summer/fall season. We are getting close enough to winter break that we can smell the turkey in the oven and see the twinkling lights on the tree. But it is important to fight complacency in our everyday lives.

Complacency can be as simple as showing up to work or class late more often than you used to or just not going at all. It can be not turning in your assignments or just having a bad attitude toward doing any work. But, this feeling is normal. I often refer to it as becoming too comfortable. You become too comfortable or complacent when life is no longer keeping you on your toes, when you fall into a routine or rhythm, and when things are no longer new and exciting.

When I begin to feel too comfortable or complacent, I like to watch the following two videos to get me excited about life again.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and they too gave you a little more pep in your step!



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